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Travel for Children: The Next Generation Speaks

Travel for Children: The Next Generation Speaks

Here at Skyscanner we’re always looking for different perspectives on travel, so we spoke to 12 year old Christina Ballard from Edinburgh, to get her thoughts on travelling, flying and how airports could be improved for the younger generation.

kids.JPGWhere is your favorite place to go on holiday and why?
My favourite place that I have been to so far is Australia. The fact that it is so far away made it very exciting.

My favourite part was when we went snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. The only thing I didn’t like about Australia were the scary insects!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I would go somewhere in Africa because I would love to get close to some of the fantastic animals there, for example the Big Cats, and I would love to go on a safari.

What do you like most about flying?
I have been quite lucky and done quite a bit of flying so far. The five things I like most are:

1. The excitement of going somewhere new and wondering what it is going to be like
2. The people on the planes are nice to children
3. At the airport there are a good range of shops
4. On long flights I think the choice of movies is very good
5. In the plane the seats are quite comfy

What don’t you like about flying?

1. I don’t like the toilets on planes because they are really small and when you flush them it is very loud and scary!
2. When you get food on the plane it is never very nice
3. In the airport the queues are always very long especially for security
4. When the planes are delayed for quite a long time you don’t get any vouchers or anything like you used to
5. It is annoying that you always have to be at the airport so early because then you are hanging around for ages

What would you do to make air travel more fun?
I think flying could be improved for young people by making the airports more interesting, for example by putting in a games room and having a cinema room where children get to choose what movies they want to watch!

You live in Edinburgh, what do you most like about Scotland?
The thing I like most about Scotland is the fact that there is so much to do here from climbing mountains to going to the beach. Edinburgh castle is very interesting and the people here are very friendly. I also love spending my parents’ money in all the great shops!