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Travel Bloscars 2013: and the nominees are…

Welcome to Skyscanner's first International Travel Bloscars Competition!

In 2012, we’ve spent countless hours reading travel blogs. Some bloggers recounting their first trips abroad, journeys with friends, and even fantastic voyages that spanned the globe. It was difficult to narrow down such entertaining and awe inspiring recalls of firsthand treks, but we felt these five nominees in each category were the best of the United Kingdom and Ireland travel blogs.

Now, we’re leaving it to YOU to decide which Bloscar nominee should be labelled as the "Best" Travel Blogger from the UK and Ireland in each category. Simply select one of the nominees from the drop down box and pop in your details for a chance to win a Kindle Fire. Once we compile all the votes, we’ll place each winner in the competition to determine the Best International Travel Blogger of the Year!

Good luck to our contestants and keep an eye out for our weekly updates and writeups about each Bloscar Nominee!