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Toursome! 10 tours with a twist

Forget open-top bus sightseeing tours, get on your bike, or your kayak, or your...

Tour bus? Boring! If following the flag of a guide around crowded, clichéd sights is not your thing – join a tour of a different sort. Inventive locals have crafted tours far more intriguing than the traditional tourist traps.

So, get on board with Skyscanner’s selection of the world’s most interesting and alternative guided tours. They are truly toursome! Dude.

1. Vespa Tours – Rome, Italy

Rome’s narrow, winding streets weren’t built for tour buses. They were built for Vespas! Jump on the back of one of these Italian icons and become a true Roman for the day. Tours last for four hours and are led by local experts who pilot you through the alleyways, backstreets and squares of the Italian capital – stopping off for espressos at the best local cafes of course!

2. Kayak Tours – New York, USA

See the Big Apple from a different angle with a kayak tour. Even landlubbers can take to the water with the Manhattan Kayak Company who offer guided tours of the calm waters of the embayment area, and part of the Hudson river. For something even more exciting, try the NY After Dark tour and enjoy the surreal feeling of night paddling in one of the world’s most spectacular cityscapes.

3. Running Tours – Copenhagen, Denmark

In the Danish capital running is the new walking. Don your pumps and join a local guide who will not only ensure you get a good work out, but also take you through the city’s best sights and parks. There are several options to choose from: the classic city tour taking in Copenhagen’s ‘must sees’; the night run tour which takes you along the harbour front and through the beautifully illuminated Tivoli Gardens, and the Christiania Tour, a run through the famed ‘freetown’ where you’ll find self-built houses, organic eateries and a female blacksmith.

4. Sidecar Motorcycle Tours – Beijing, China

Beijingers traditionally travel via two wheels; the nouveau riche now clog the roads with four wheels, but China’s coolest kids are riding on three wheels. TRI Beijing offer a suite of tours lead by English-speaking guides who pilot their passengers through the city’s chaotic traffic to see the best of Beijing, sections of the Great Wall, and lesser known spots further afield.

5. ‘Boris’ Bike Tours – Worldwide

In 2012 London introduced its public bicycle-sharing scheme. But London is not the only city to have Boris bikes; many cities across the world, from Milan to Montreal, operate similar schemes. All you need to do it find a bike station, pop in your card, and off you go. Most cities charge just a few pounds per hour, and you can leave you bike at any other bike station. It’s a fun way to see a city without spending much wedge.

6. Amphibious Tour: Viking Splash – Dublin, Ireland

One of the most difficult choices facing the tourist today is: land or water? But in Dublin – that’s not a problem. Viking Splash’s amphibious vehicle takes you along the streets, and into the water, of Ireland’s capital. Taking in the sights of the city including Trinity College, Dublin’s Docklands and St Patrick’s Cathedral, Viking Splash tours are a fun and different way to see the city, and the kids will love it.

7. Segway Tours – Worldwide

Hop aboard one of these two-wheel wonders and taz along paths and pavements, taking in the sights at speed. Far more fun than walking, Segway tours are now available in cities all over the world, from Berlin to Budapest, Atlanta to Amsterdam. Great for those who want to see a city without walking too much – Segway tours are popular with families, couples and more mature travellers alike.

8. Tuk Tuk Tour – Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa

These three-wheeled wonders are driven by local experts who introduce you to the Soweto’s best sites and hidden corners. You’ll also learn local phrases, shop at local stores, learn about the freedom fighters’ struggle, and enjoy a full African buffet at the best local restaurants.

9. Trike Tours – Scotland

Enjoy the exquisite scenery of Scotland’s open road from the back of a chauffeur-driven motor- trike. Trike Tours offer a range of options all over Scotland and England’s Lake District, most of which last for a few hours. Leathers and gloves are provided along with helmets that have integrated head-set communications, so you can chat to your partner (or switch them off if you prefer) as you take in the experience.

10. City Snow shoeing tours – Quebec City, Canada

Take a cool tour with a difference as you don traditional snow shoes and head out into Quebec City’s Plains of Abraham, a scenic and historic area famed for an important battle that took place almost 300 years ago. On the snowshoers walk, you will don mittens, grab a lantern and head out into a white wonderland where your guide will regale you with battle tales and historic tid bits, all rounded off with a cup of hot choccy.