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Top 5 Vegetarian Friendly Countries & Top 5 Countries for Carnivores

Celebrating National Vegetarian Week (18th-24th May 2009)

Celebrating National Vegetarian Week (18th-24th May 2009), Skyscanner looks at the five best countries to eat meat-free, and in case the thought of eating veggie sticks in your throat, we’ve also got the five best countries where carnivores can sample some interesting animals.



The mighty sub-continent is a haven for veggies. With a massive 20-40% of Indians estimated to be vegetarian themselves, India claims the single biggest population of vegetarians in the world. Most food for sale in supermarkets is marked with special labelling to aid veggies’ selection and almost all restaurants serve delicious vegetarian food. Find cheap flights to India


The Brits have one of the most advanced vegetarian cultures in the world and meat-free food is widely available in almost every town in the country. Most restaurants offer vegetarian options and food products are generally well labelled to aid vegetarian’s choice. Find cheap flights to the UK


In most of central and south Thailand, vegetarianism is recognised and vegetarians are well provided for. There are many traditional Thai dishes that use only vegetables, noodles or rice which will keep veggies well fed. Fish and oyster sauce are common ingredients and condiments in Thai cuisine and may be difficult to avoid completely, but if you ask nicely you should be able to order food without them. Find cheap flights to Bangkok


It’s easy to be a vegetarian in Turkey with its wide range of delicious meat-free foods such as couscous, hummus, stuffed vine leaves and roast vegetables. In fact, a lot of Turkish cuisine is so tasty that it will even have non-vegetarians’ mouths watering. Find cheap flights to Turkey


Due to Jewish Kosher laws that means Kosher food cannot contain pork or shell fish and that meat and dairy cannot be combined, Israel is a relatively easy country for vegetarians to find suitable fodder. Add to this the abundance of Mediterranean food such as falafel and hummus, and vegetarians should have little trouble finding suitable food. Find cheap flights to Israel. Find cheap flights to the Tel Aviv

Top 5 Countries for Carnivores – interesting meats


Florida, USA – Alligator

In the depths of the Floridian Everglades lives the alligator, a massive man eating reptile which can reach a length of over 5 meters and can live for fifty years. But you can get your own back by tucking into an alligator steak at various restaurants in Florida State. Alligator meat is said to be low in fat compared to beef or lamb, and it has a fine, light-grained texture comparable to pork or chicken. Find cheap flights to Miami

China – Snake

The Chinese certainly can’t be accused of being fussy. The variety of animals they eat seems to encompass every living creature that roams the earth, air and sea, including snake-on-a-stick that can be bought from street vendors in cities like Beijing, alongside scorpion-on-a-stick and seahorse-on-a-stick. Find cheap flights to China

Slovenia – Horse burger

Though some countries shy away from eating horse, it’s commonly consumed in many European, South American and Asian nations, including Slovenia, where horse meat is readily available from supermarkets and restaurants. The renowned Red Hot-Horse take-away joint in capital Ljubljana offers a tasty horse burger for just three euros. Find cheap flights to Ljubljana

Japan – Kobe Beef

Made from the Wagyu cow, Kobe Beef is one of Japan’s most famous specialties. Kobe cattle are well cared for; their diet includes beer and they are regularly massaged by hand, which produces a succulent, mouth-wateringly marbled meat. This tender loving care doesn’t come cheap though; at more than £200 per lb, Kobe Beef is the most expensive in the world. Find cheap flights to Japan

South Korea – Dog

Although not a regular part of the average Korea’s diet, boshintang (dog stew) is a traditional Korean dish eaten by older Korean men who believe the meat enhances sexual stamina and virility. During the 1988 Olympics, the South Korean government reputedly banned eating dogs in areas frequented by tourists, as the practise is considered cruel by many Westerners (and Koreans) largely due to the manner in which the dogs are raised and killed. Find cheap flights to South Korea

Scotland – Haggis

A common dish up here in our native Scotland, it’s without doubt our most famous food. Although the dish is a popular Scottish meal found in many Scottish restaurants and cafes, wild haggis itself is rarely seen in its natural highland habitat, due to its shy nature. In addition to haggis, Scotland is famed for its wild venison and Aberdeen Angus beef. Find cheap flights to Edinburgh