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Top 20 best travel apps: recommended by Skyscanner

20 of Skyscanner's travel tech experts pick their personal favourite travel app they don't leave home without.

Got smartphone, will travel! If you’re planning a trip, going on holiday or travelling for business, you’re going to need some good travel apps.

There are loads of travel apps on the market designed to help you in some way, whether you need to check the status of the 21.30 to Heathrow, get a tip for somewhere to eat in a strange city, or find your favourite radio station to listen to while you’re waiting for the delayed departure of the 21.30 to Heathrow…

We have checked out hundreds of apps (both paid-for and free) currently on the market to bring you our top 10 travel apps for each major platform. Click the links below to see our top 10s for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.


But first, 20 of Skyscanner’s travel tech experts pick their personal favourite travel app they don’t leave home without.

1. Evernote

As soon as you’ve booked your trip, you need one place to store all those email confirmations, reviews, packing lists and recommendations from friends. Evernote syncs with ease between devices that might get damaged in transit and you can then use it at your destination to upload photos to remind yourself of exactly how you spent all that extra time you used to spend juggling pieces of paper.

Dug Campbell, Product Marketing Manager

2. TripAdvisor

Easy to use, the guest reviews are helpful, it’s informative for a first-timer to make travel plans, and it has great content.

Desmond Ho – Sales Manager, Hotels APAC

man taking photo with phone on beach
3. Sphere

I love this app, particularly in its iPad version. Its immersive technology, combined with an ever increasing range of world destinations, is as close to ‘being there’ you can get without actually getting on a flight. Not that I would recommend not flying…

Frank Skivington – Chief Commercial Officer

4. Google Maps

Google maps’ ‘offline map’ feature lets you download several areas and mark places to visit in advance, so you can find them with a GPS-enabled map without a data connection.

Stanley Chung – Principle UX Designer

5. Remember the milk

This is an easy way to keep track of your on-going to-do list while you’re on the move. If thoughts of work or your jobs list from home creep into your holiday fun, pop them into RTM and they are remembered without being on your mind.

Rachel Evatt – Product Director

6. Pixlr-o-matic

A great app for taking and editing pictures, Pixlr-o-matic offers similar features to Instagram but so much more. It’s very easy to use on the road as there’s no need to carry a massive expensive camera all the time, so it’s super-convenient for people like me who love photography.

Evodie Fleury – Social Marketing Executive, France

7. Minube

Minube basically offers tips from fellow travellers, with maps, ideas, suggestions, restaurants and so on. It is easy to use and very practical. Unfortunately most of the tips are in Spanish, though I think they are working on that.

Patricia Cuni – Content Executive, Spain

8. Flight+

One of my favourite free iPhone travel apps, Flight+ allows you to track all available flights worldwide in real-time, and display them in one intuitive interface.

James Ferguson – Design Team Lead

9. Forevermap

Use this to download decent maps of your destination country before traveling, avoiding data roaming costs. Leave your phone in aeroplane mode and your can still find your way to your favourite bar, beach, bodega, bunkhouse or burger-van

Stuart Leitch – Project Manager

man listening to music on headphones
10. TuneIn

If you’re approaching middle-age, and really must listen to Radio 4, or any other station, when you’re on holiday, then this app is for you! It allows you to tune in to over 70,000 radio stations for free.

Mike Moran – Senior Software Engineer

11. TripTracker

A very simple tool but great for frequent travellers. All your flight, hotel and car hire information ‘automagically’ pushed to your iPhone without having to enter it manually. It also alerts you to your gate number, any delays, cancellations.

Jamie Wortley – PR Consultant

12. Google Translate (with Offline Dictionaries)

I don’t think I need to explain why a translation app is useful! But for me what makes any travel app indispensable is when features can be downloaded in advance to avoid extortionate roaming charges; this makes Google Translate a genuine alternative to a phrasebook in your pocket.

Douglas Cook – Marketing Manager, UK & Ireland

13. TripIt

TripIt organises your travel plans into an itinerary so all your trip details are in one place. I can’t be without it for managing Gareth (CEO) ’s diary. Just wish he’d use it!

Alison Stimpson – Executive PA

14. Find iPhone

Does exactly what it says on the tin! I also recommend the app. It’s great for keeping you occupied, especially when you’re waiting for a flight.

Gareth Williams – CEO

woman on phone by jet
15. Flying

Beautifully constructed, excellent user interface, very intuitive… watch the video on the homepage if you can, it makes you feel inspired to fly and creates an emotional connection.

Kristian Welch – Director, Country Marketing

16. Air BnB

Great design, inspiring imagery, and very simple to use for browsing and finding a unique place to stay. Once you have made a booking you can continue to use the in-app messaging to contact/keep in touch with the host, whether you’re updating them on your arrival time, or contacting them during your stay in their place.

Eileen Ogg – Artworker

17. MyFitnessPal

They describe themselves as a free calorie counter, but you can scan barcodes and visualize the food content in English when buying those memorable lovely ready meals in supermarkets abroad.

Mateus Rocha – Marketing Manager, Brazil

18. Nuok

Allows users to find the best places to see, where to eat a good pizza or a delicious cupcake, showing what’s going on in town at the same time. But sorry, it’s only for Italians!

Sara Izzi – Content Executive, Italy

19. AroundMe

Allows users to find nearby points of interests such as restaurants, hotels, theatres, parking and hospitals. For me, it’s the best app of its kind.

Teo Ambrogio – Software Engineer

Skyscanner app
20. Skyscanner

Skyscanner’s free app is one of the best free travel apps on the market. In fact, it’s the world’s most powerful and flexible flight search app. I use it to search and book cheap flights on the go. When you’re looking for travel inspiration you only have to spin the globe to see which destinations are cheapest to reach. Mobile flight search has never been so powerful!

Sam Baldwin – Manager, Content