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Top 10 weirdest food museums around the world

From spam to er, burnt food, we take a tour of the the world’s weirdest and most wonderful food museums

You might not have realised, but the number of food museums has mushroomed in recent years, with even the most unusual of foodstuffs having a shrine in its honour somewhere on the planet. From fast food to gourmet gastronomy, we go on a tour of the top 10 wierdest around the globe.

1. Cup Noodles Museum, Japan

Japanese noodle giant Nissin Foods celebrated 50 years of the instant cup noodle by opening a museum dedicated to the single man’s favurite snack. From the original 1958 Chicken Ramen to the Space Noodle, take a deep dive into noodle history at the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama.

2. Potato Museum, Idaho, USA

The Idaho Potato Museum has a range of fun and educational potato-based exhibits including the world’s largest potato crisp which measures 25 inches across.

3. Currywurst, Berlin, Germany

Fans of the spicy sausage can sample a variety of different currywurst spices and blends before taking the helm at their very own Currywurst snack bar at the Currywurst Museum in Berlin.

ham (Spam)
4. Spam, Austin, USA

The Spam Museum has been hamming it for over a decade now. With over 16,500 square feet of reformed meat-related fun and games, trivia and artefacts such as the Spam dine and vintage Spam advertising, you’ll won’t be short of sandwich ideas after a visit here.

5. Cheese, Alkmaar, Netherlands

The Dutch Cheese Museum is located right next to Alkmaar cheese market where fans of everything from Emmental to Gouda are guaranteed to have a ‘wheely’ good time as they watch the expert cheese makers in action.

6. Jell-O, New York, USA

Everyone’s favourite wobbly dessert has its own shrine in New York which boasts a dizzying array of souvenirs plus an exhibit illustrating Jell-O spokesman Bill Cosby’s influence over 30 years of patronage of the product.

7. Mushrooms, Loire Valley, France

Mushroom lovers who are sprout and about in the Loire Valley should visit the Musée du Champignon in St-Hilaire-St-Florent where a variety of wild and unusual (but not magic) mushrooms are available to try.

boy eating hot dog
8. Mustard, Wisconsin, USA

With an incredible 5,000 jars, bottles and tubes of the yellow stuff on display, the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum is the only one stop shop fans of mustard need visit.

9. Olive Oil, Liguria, Italy

The Musee dell Olivo showcases the role the olive tree has played in over 6,000 years of civilisation, and visitors can wander the nearby olive groves and olive mill to see how the oil is produced.

10. Burnt Food Museum, Virginia, USA

The intimate Burnt Food Museum celebrates the beauty in what most people would consider the ultimate culinary catastrophe. Be bedazzled by a series of frazzled artefacts carefully prepared by curator Deborah Henson-Conant, who promises that you’ll have a smokin’ good time.

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