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Top 10 most badly behaved celebrities on flights

Top 10 most badly behaved celebrities on flights

Gerard Depardieu has become the latest celebrity to disgrace himself onboard following his ‘urination incident’ last week on an Air France flight.

Skyscanner looks back at a long line of the rich and famous who have landed themselves in a spot of bother whilst flying.

1. Gerard Depardieu – urinated on Air France flight

French actor Gerard Depardieu was last week the latest celebrity to be caught behaving badly onboard. In Gerard’s case, he was caught short when he whipped out his winkle and started weeing on the aisle carpet of an Air France plane. The Frenchman had been drinking before boarding and demanded permission to use the toilet, apparently exclaiming: “I want to piss, I want to piss!” but was informed by the flight attended that the toilets were locked and that he’d have to wait 15 minutes.

2. Dizzee Rascal – verbally insulted stewardess on BA

Mr Rascal, as Jeremy Paxman once described him, ‘hurled foul-mouthed insults’ at BA staff after a technical hitch kept passengers waiting to fly from Heathrow to Portugal. Dizzee was ejected by police and ended up missing the gig in Portugal he was due to play.

3. Justin Beiber – scolded by staff on Qantas

Pint-sized teen heart-throb Beiber invited the wrath of Qantas flight attendants after he ignored the seat-belt sign and left his seat in business class so he could speak to members of his entourage in economy class. Staff deemed his behaviour was a security risk, and explained that “as he had been acting like a child, he would therefore be treated like one.”

4. Ian Brown – jailed for threatening behaviour on BA

Whilst flying from Paris to Manchester, former Stone Roses singer Ian Brown apparently threatened to chop a stewardess’ hand off, and then started banging on the cockpit door when the captain intervened. Brown was jailed for four months.

5. Naomi Campbell – abused staff on BA

The leggy supermodel went one step too far on a BA flight in 2008 when she flew into a rage and verbally abused staff before eventually getting cuffed and removed by police.

6. Christian Slater – tried to bring Gun onboard

In 1994, American actor Christian Slater tried to board a plane at New York JFK with an unlicensed gun in his luggage. He was arrested immediately and charged with criminal possession of a weapon. However, Slater got lucky; his crime earned him just three days of community service.

7. The Hoff – denied boarding on BA

Even the mighty Hoff has been caught misbehaving during his travels. He apparently turned up to board a BA flight from Heathrow in 2006 but was so drunk, staff refused to let him on. The Hoff slept off his drunken stupor and boarded a later flight back to LA.

8. Snoop Dogg – caused ‘total mayhem’ at Heathrow

Having been refused entry to BA’s first class airport lounge, Snoop Dogg and 30 of his homies went on the rampage at Heathrow injuring seven police officers, resulting in Snoop’s arrest and detainment.

9. Ivana Trump – went berserk at bunch of kids

59% of travellers responding to a recent Skyscanner poll said they’d prefer a kids’ only section, and it seems Ivana is one of them! The former Olympic athlete, model and wife of Donald, became so enraged by some noisy children onboard a flight, she started hurling abuse at them. But her outburst backfired as it was her, rather than the kids, who got booted off the plane.

10. Diana Ross – assaulted airport employee at Heathrow

Diva Diana was detained for five hours in 1999, when she allegedly assaulted a security officer at Heathrow airport. Apparently she activated the metal detectors then took offence to being frisked and tried to give the officer a touch-up herself. Looks like Yukari Miyame, the ‘woman who groped back’ – was following in Diana’s footsteps.