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Top 10 iPhone/iPad apps for city breaks

From packing to booking a table – we have 10 helpful apps for your next city trip.

Going on holiday without your phone is like going to the beach without a towel – our smartphones are our new travel companions. But in order to not get lost in the vast amount of apps out there, we found the 10 most useful apps for a city break.

From the moment you book your holiday to the table reservation on the final night of your journey, your smartphone can be a part of every step and help you to pack lighter (there is no more need for bulky maps, travel guides, cameras among other items). Check out these 10 cheap or free apps for your iPhone or iPad.



1. Skyscanner Hotels – free

Are you planning a city trip and want to stay close to the top attractions in the city of your choice? Then try out our brand-new Skyscanner Hotels app. The inspiring and visual app lets you browse through high-res images, find hotels close to important places (attractions, airports, public transport etc), start multiple searches to compare destinations and much more to get the cheapest deal for your ideal hotel.

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2. Packing Pro – £1.99

Do you usually end up with way too many pairs of jeans, but not enough socks on your holiday? Can you not resist to pack that one special shirt even though you already have five tops for a weekend trip in your suitcase? Luggage space is very limited on a city trip, so Packing Pro might be able to help: The app creates packing lists according to the length, the reason and the destination of the trip, so that you don’t get tempted to pack unnecessary items. It also offers travel to-do lists to help you organize the trip.


3. Weather Pro – £1.99

Want to know whether you should pack an umbrella and your welly boots or bring some sunscreen and an extra pair of sunglasses? Weather Pro keeps you updated on the weather in your destination and you can create a list of favourites to switch between your preferred locations. Another great feature is that on the day before your departure, you can compare the temperature of your home town and the holiday destination and get excited about the sunshine. But maybe don’t tell your friends who have to stay at home.. or maybe you’ll want to gloat?



4. Wi-Fi Finder – free

Being without an Internet connection can be quite anno:ying on a city trip – you might want to plan on the go, stay in touch with friends and family or just find the next restaurant. Roaming costs are usually high, so a Wi-Fi Finder might come quite in handy. It helps you find free Wi-Fi spots in your area and you can download your chosen locations before you go on holiday to have the data available offline when you need to find a hotspot.

In the city:

5. MAPS.ME – £0.68

So you’ve arrived in your city, but now you need to find all the important places – the accommodation, the next subway station, important sights… MAPS.ME offers offline maps for basically everywhere in the world and you can download the country map of your choice before you go on holiday to have them ready even if you don’t have Wi-Fi.

6. AroundMe – free

So you found your way around the city, but now you need to choose what to do in the area. AroundMe shows you important spots in your surroundings – whether you are looking for a bank, movie theatre or restaurant. It’s helpful for discovering spots off the beaten path and an ideal app for anyone who doesn’t want to plan beforehand.


7. Pin Drop – free

So you already have some exciting spots in mind and want to create a perfect route? Or you found a great restaurant and want to come back the next day to try out one of the other delicious dishes? Pin Drop helps you to bookmark places and to create your own customised map. Its also great if you want to help out a friend to find the best spots in a city you have been or lived – you can share your maps with other users.

Dining out:

8. Foodspotting – free

The app Foodspotting stands out in the restaurant reviewing business, because it allows you to not only rate a restaurant as a whole, but also single dishes to pick the best off the menu. This should make it easier for you, especially when you are just overwhelmed with the many choices on a restaurant’s menu.

9. OpenTable – free

For those who love dining out and want to be on the safe side by reserving a table, OpenTable allows you to browse restaurants and make a reservation directly through the app.


Holiday memories:

10. Pixlr-o-matic – free

This app is ideal for the artistic holiday photographer who just can’t stay away from using all sorts of filters. With Pixlr-o-matic you don’t need to bring a huge camera to take exceptional photos, which are filter-ready for social media sites.

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