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How does Skyscanner work?

Where do we get the prices we show? Which airlines and travel companies do we work with? How do you actually book travel through Skyscanner? These wonderful mysteries solved. May contain magic and unicorns.

Where does Skyscanner get all airline, hotel and car rental prices?

We like friends, and we pride ourselves on having more direct partnerships with online travel agencies, airlines, hotels and car rental companies than any other travel search website. We also build all of our own technology, so that we can reliably search the internet to bring you back the best deals on travel. For more info on how we work, read this.

If, we feel that there are important flights for travellers on a particular route, we will always look to offer this to our customers – it is something we are continually focused on improving, so let us know if you think we’re missing anything!

Does Skyscanner vet the companies that are shown?

We have a very strict process in place to check that any travel agency, airline, hotel or car hire company that we show you prices for are playing nice and giving you best experience. We set the standards pretty high and remove any online travel agencies that we find are not adhering to these standards. Our brilliant customer service team constantly monitors this and they’re happy to help you with any specific feedback you’d like to give.

##How do you book through Skyscanner? Unlike online travel agencies, **Skyscanner doesn’t sell tickets directly**. It’s a little bit of show and tell; you tell us where you want to go, we show you the best deals, you hit the green ‘Select’ button you then we take you directly to the online travel agency, airline, hotel or car hire company’s website and you book with them. So we do not hold your booking confirmation or details, and any amendments (change of name on ticket, change of flight) must be made through them. **Watch this video for more info:**
###**Looking for more tips and tricks on how to use Skyscanner? Read on…** ###[**Everything you need to know about Skyscanner before you search**](http:// How does Skyscanner work? How can you find cheap flights with Skyscanner? What even is Skyscanner? Get the full facts straight from the horse’s mouth. ###[**Find travel inspiration with Skyscanner**]( Put those travel plans in motion and find tons of travel inspiration with Skyscanner. Here’s how to use our Everywhere search, plus Travel News & Features. ###[**Get the best flight tickets with Skyscanner Price Alerts**]( Skyscanner Price Alerts are free, and you’ll be sent an email informing you of any price changes as soon as they happen so you won’t miss out on a cheap deal. _Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on [flights](, [hotels]( and [car hire](

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