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Travelling with kids: Jetkids BedBox review

We all know that travelling with kids can be a bit of a challenge, but rest assured there are products out there that help make things a little easier. We had the helpful Gourlay family review the nifty product known as BedBox, created to help little ones get all the rest they need to keep any tired tears at bay.

The BedBox, in our experience, is worth every penny. If you are travelling long-haul with a toddler it’s a going to work out a lot cheaper than upgrading to business class, for the same comfort (at least for them).

A top tip when travelling with kids is trying to get flights at the usual time your little one tends to sleep. Planes can be uncomfortable and the bright lights and upright seat will hopefully be unnoticeable if your child is tired.


But, we know this can be tricky, especially if that flight ‘at the right time’ is a lot more expensive. So how can you make sure your child is as comfortable as possible? Whap out the BedBox by JetKids of course! Built with a maximum weight of up to 35 kg (that’s up to about the age of 11!) and universal fit to most economy seats, it’s the must have travel gadget for kids. When the flight is in cruise mode, remove the lid and reach from the end of the seat to the seat in front, add the (machine washable) mattress that comfortably fits inside and let the little troublemaker relax.

We tucked him in with a blanket. We could see him getting tired and before long he had drifted off. 5 hours later he was still asleep.

Another great tip when you’re taking the kids travelling is to pack a plane bag. We’re talking toys, colouring books, crayons (you know the drill). Guess what? The BedBox has 20 litre capacity meaning everything you need to take with you can fit inside the portable napping contraption easily, perfect to allow you time to relax.

If the BedBox wasn’t making your life easier as it was – it’s on wheels! Yep that’s right, not only can you use it for storage, your kids can hop on it and be wheeled around like the prince and princesses they are (also perfect if you’re carrying about 5 bags already let alone a small human).

In the past we had always taken our buggy (stroller) to the gate so hadn’t felt the need for a ‘Trunki’ style ride on suitcase, although had seen many in use. It was a relief to check the buggy in with our baggage and made the security line much more manageable.



Special thanks to Lewis Gourlay, Abby Warrilow (& Mateo). Family travel channel @teo_travels

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