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News tips 8 theft-proof travel accessories to keep your luggage and valuables safe

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8 theft-proof travel accessories to keep your luggage and valuables safe

Worried about keeping your valuables safe when you're abroad? Well here are 8 theft-proof travel accessories to keep you and your luggage secure next time you jet-off. From TSA suitcase locks to super-secret money belts, buy yourself peace of mind with these great travel gadgets.

1. TSA Security Padlock: 4-Dial Combination

Keep your valuables under lock and key with a TSA lock for your suitcase. ‘Travel Sentry Approved’ (TSA) basically means if airport security needs to inspect your luggage, they won’t need to break your favourite wheelie suitcase open in the process, as TSA locks can be opened by security personnel with no damage to the lock or your travel bags. This value twin-pack of two means double the security without too much damage to your holiday budget either.

2. Safety Luggage Strap

Give your suitcase extra protection against the rough and tumble of the aircraft hold with a luggage belt. This strap is colourful enough to make sure you get the right suitcase at baggage reclaim, and wide enough to keep zips and fastenings from popping open. There’s an added bit of security in the form of a (hidden) address label and if you register the unique code online, the supplier provides a ‘lost and found service’ that makes it easier for airports to locate your bags, just in case they don’t arrive when you do.

Safety Luggage Strap

3. A Little Tree 6 x Bungee Cord Elastic Luggage Straps

Luggage safety is not just for the airport: pack your car’s roof rack or the back of your bike with peace of mind, with a set of bungee cords. These stretchy luggage straps come with a hook at one end and a loop at the other to keep everything in place, including camping gear and sleeping bags if you’re backpacking.

4. Trace Me Airline Approved Luggage Tracker Tags

Shake off that sinking feeling when your luggage fails to appear on the conveyor belt – with one of these tracking tags, you won’t need to worry about your baggage going walkabout. Register your tags on the database before you jet off and secure them to your suitcase; if your bags are found where they’re not supposed to be, all the airline has to do is contact Trace Me to find out your contact details and reunite you with your stuff. Find out what’s new in travel tech, with our look at 2017’s top gadgets for travel.

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5. Trackimo TRKM002 GPS Tracker and Locator

Constantly losing your phone/keys/iPad? If you want to up your tracking tech to the next level, this smart device links to an app on your phone, allowing you to locate your missing items anywhere in the world using GPS. While some mobile tracking devices require a separate sim card, this one comes built-in and the service is free for the first year – but you will need to pay after that. You can even use it to keep an eye on the kids on holiday, as the tracker itself has a handy SOS button that will alert you if they get lost or need help. Here’s more smart travel tech for travelling with a family.

6. VENTURE 4TH Money Belt for Travel

This money belt is as discreet as you would want it to be, keeping your holiday cash stashed away out of sight. A neutral colour option and slim design ensure that there are no dark marks or obvious lumps and bumps under your t-shirt and your passport and credit cards will also slot inside. Another boost to your personal security is the RFID-blocking nylon, which interrupts the electro-magnetic field of your contactless cards so they can’t be scanned through the material.

7. YOMO Neck Passport Holder and Travel Wallet

This robust travel wallet hangs round the neck inside or outside your clothes and the pockets are roomy enough to store more than one passport or several documents if you’re travelling with a partner. It has hidden sections at the back and in the flap, and is water resistant for those rainy journeys.

YOMO Neck Passport Holder and Travel Wallet

8. Pacsafe Travel Safe

Lock away everything from an mp3 player to your iPad with this ultra-secure portable safe. Not only can you use the combination lock to fasten the pouch itself, but it comes with wire that can loop and lock around fixtures in your hotel room. It’s another TSA lock, so no tears at the airport, and although the pack is light and foam-soft inside for all your valuables, the embedded wire mesh is pretty forbidding to would-be thieves.

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