Amazon have started compiling a chart of their fastest-rising bestsellers, known as 'Movers and Shakers'. Basically, it's the Top of the Pops of travel. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 travel accessories that are trending this month, from the smartest luggage options to the niftiest travel wallets.

1. American Tourister Bon Air 4 Wheel Suitcase

American Tourister build some of the best hard-wearing and colourful suitcases on the market, and the Bon Air is just one example of that. The smallest version of the Bon Air fits into cabin luggage restrictions and only weighs 2.5 kilograms too.

What they say:

"Having now used this product for several months now, I can honestly say that this suitcase is a worthwhile product. It has been through several flights with various airlines and although it is showing a few scrapes here and there, which is normal, it has survived all the airlines can throw at it." - Amazon Customer

2. Hanging Cosmetics & Toiletry Bag

Hate rummaging round for your tweezers in a giant bag of sun block, plasters and paracetamol? This bag hangs of the back of bathroom doors or showers, so you can easily find all your worldly bathroom belongings when you need them. Check out our packing tips to make life even easier.

What they say:

"A great little necessity bag, with more room than you would think. It's easy to organize but small enough to fit easily in your luggage." - Magnus

3. Slotra Laptop Backpack

Heading away on a work trip and want an easier way to carry your Macbook Air? This laptop backpack carries laptops up to 14.1" in length. There's plenty of extra space for magazines and notebooks, and it'll fit easily under the seat in front of you too.

What they say:

"The padded areas on the back of the bag really help when carrying bulky and/or protruding objects and the built-in safe compartments are a welcome addition for people like me who use public transport". - Ben

4. Windproof Unbreakable Waterproof Umbrella

This waterproof brolly has withstood a Level 5 waterproof test - the highest one there is. This means that yes, it'll keep the random downpour of you in London, as well as the snow of your shoulders on your Christmas city break to Copenhagen. It also fits in your hand luggage very snuggly due to it's compact size (it's only 500g!).

What they say:

"I bought this umbrella last year and I was waiting for a really windy day to try it out. I was awarded with a really gusty windy day a couple of weeks ago. I was not disappointed, it stood up to the severe wind really well and I did not feel that it was going to turn inside out. I also noted that no-one else walking around the village had an umbrella up due to the force of the wind. I felt quite smug." - Nina Marshall

5. Kipling Micah Backpack

This Kipling backpack is perfect for taking with you on your holidays, especially if you've got a long haul flight and want to pack in all the essentials. It's available in navy and white as well as traditional black, and as always, all Kipling backpacks are accompanied with a cute keyring.

What they say:

"Lots of room including a laptop section, mobile and pen compartments, key holder, two front zip pockets and one at the back plus side pockets which will hold a drink bottle and an umbrella." - Trillian

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6. Eshow Womens Crossover Sling Bag

This cross body bag is ideal for travelling through pickpocket heavy cities, metro stations or countries where you're feeling rather unsure. Buyers attest to how well made it is, including the straps, zips, and the capacity for a water bottle. It also makes it the perfect festival companion! These theft proof accessories are perfect for travelling in more dangerous countries.

What they say:

"Well made, good strong zips and a lovely wide strap which makes it very comfortable to wear even when out cycling. I bought it to use at a festival to keep all my personal stuff with me." - Jilly

7. Quadra Senior Shoe Bag

Packing pros will already know about shoe bags - these handy bags slot into your suitcase and stop your boots, trainers or heels muddying any of your other items. If you want to get really into your packing containers, check out these packing cubes for segmenting all of your clothes inside one big suitcase.

What they say:

"Fits trail running shoes (UK8 43) and pair of flip flops, tethered double zip with velcro cover fastening." - Hickie

8. Portable Key Holder & Organiser

AirBnB or rental manager? This key holder can take your cluster of keys and turn it into a somewhat organised arrangement. It'll also avoid you scratching other possessions in your bag, as it shields the sharp side of the keys from the exterior.

What they say:

"Absolutely fantastic product for anyone with lots of keys, I am a youth Worker and have 32 keys I bought two and fit them all on both!" - David

9. Slim Credit Card Holder with RFID Protection

Why is RFID Protection important? Because it stops criminals lifting your electronic credit card details from the outside of your pocket, which is a crime that's on the up. It also avoids you being charged twice in case card readers detect your card during payment. Furthermore - it looks pretty swanky.

What they say:

"Bought as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. He hates carrying a wallet around and normally just puts his cards in his pocket (wtf?) which means they are always breaking when he sits on them. This nifty wallet thing isn't too bulky for a pocket and has (so far) protected against any breakage!" - Phyllis

10. Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Carry On Case

Are you one of those people that like to test Ryanair/easyJet's carry on rules? You might carry on 3 personal bags instead of 2, and perhaps you carry more than 10kg on a Ryanair flight (you rascal!). This 2.6kg case is affordable and it avoids you paying the £50 fee if you've been pushing your luggage limits a bit too far.

What they say:

"Plenty of room for that extra long weekend away and meets the terms for carry on luggage. It's light and so easy to manoeuvre." -Victoria Martin

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