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Suitcases you didn’t know you needed until now

If you're looking for cheap suitcases or luggage that can make your life a little easier, then look no further than Skyscanner's new suitcase recommendations for 2017. From Cabin Max to Modobags of the future, unzip all the information you need to upgrade your suitcase collection.

1. Cabin Max Oxford Backpack

This Cabin Max Oxford backpack is perfect for shorter weekend trips. It includes a tablet/laptop compartment which is a big plus if you find yourself on frequent business trips. It also has two zip compartments on the inside, one of which is a mesh divider, that allows your clothes to breathe. At less than 1kg (2.24 pounds) in weight, it is a cool way to add stylish practicality to your summer travel kit.

Cabin Max Oxford Back pack in grey and orange

2. Modobag

Modobag combines the convenience of a standard suitcase with the innovation of personal transportability, GPRS-GSM tracking, and dual USB charging ports to create the world’s only motorized, smart and connected carry-on that gets you to your destination three times faster than the average walking speed. This bag is not yet on the market but you can help fund it and claim yours fresh off the assembly line by visiting the Modabag Indiegogo page. This will be the ultimate suitcase when it comes to carry on luggage, it just can’t come soon enough.

Modobag can be ridden by owner

3. Biaggi foldable bag

If you live in flat or somewhere with not a lot of storage space then you’ll appreciate the fact that the Biaggi Zip Sak 4 Foldable Bag folds up into nothing, whilst staying pretty stylish.

This Biaggi Bag is foldable

4. Bluesmart carry-on

OK, so this one is very pricey but what harm did a little window shopping ever do? The Bluesmart carry-on is a suitcase that connects using wireless technology to your smartphone so that you can do stuff like remotely locating it which is great if you’ve ever had your luggage go missing. You can even remotely lock it, although be warned that some countries will want to open it for security checks. This suitcase even lets you remotely weigh it if you’re slightly paranoid en-route. The mobile app lets you see all your data and travel history in one place. A built-in battery lets you charge your phone up to six times so that you never have to crowd around an airport outlet again.

The Bluesmart suitcase does the thinking for you

5. BXT Smart Bag

If you’ve just spent the last few minutes gulping at the sheer cost of the Bluesmart suitcase above then check out this more economical option. Presenting the BXT Smart Bag! The 2 in 1 Travel bag, can convert from a duffle bag to a shoulder backpack. It also doubles up nicely as a sports bag between trips, if that isn’t value for money then what is.

BXT smart bag is cheap, simple and effective

6. Monster suitcase

Kid’s luggage is so hard to choose from, especially when they get old enough to decide how much gets packed into it! A good thing then that there is a suitcase sale on this cute little Monster Suitcase. This suitcase doubles as a scooter allowing your little one to scoot around the airport, it also comes with a fold down handle making it easy to pack on the plane. The question is, does your little monster deserve it?

The Monster suitcase can also be used as hand luggage

Can’t get enough of all cabin luggage and hand luggage?

Take a look at Suitcase must die which reviews the best luggage where 8 suitcases are tested to destruction

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It might feel like airlines ask us to pack our stuff into smaller carry-on bags each year, but you can avoid all of the stress (and the baggage fees) by investing in one of these cabin cases.

What do you think of the Modobag? Is it brilliant or just plain silly and why? Join the conversation at Skyscanner Forum


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