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The 10 stages you go through to get that perfect flight

A little jealous of all those holiday photos in your timeline? Constantly wondering how certain people manage to squeeze in so many trips? Here are some of our most loved features by the folk (Psst. That's you guys) who use them the most. Save time, cash and grab a cheap holiday - you're welcome.

Save cash

1. Work isn’t always that fun and neither is studying. We can help with that procrastination.

Let’s face it – this is much more fun and you could end up somewhere you’ve never been before.

2. Why be stuck at home when you could be somewhere awesome instead?

Bags packed yet?

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3. Not a clue where you should go? Got’cha covered.

Fancy Peru? Maybe Madrid is more up your street. What about Sydney?! Sometimes there’s just too much choice.


4. You’ve got somewhere in mind but don’t want to spend a fortune getting there.

No one wants to arrive at their spontaneous destination broke do they?

Explore the cheapest months

5. You’ve got somewhere in mind and you know the exact month you want to head off.

No problemo – we can do that too. Search the whole month and BAM! Cheap flights left, right and centre.

Whole month search this way

6. Want to explore more than one city? Yep. Easy as pie.

It’ll probably change your travel-based life.

7. Still not convinced on the price? You need Price Alerts in your life.

Our handy flight price tracker will keep an eye on your chosen flight and let you know as soon as the price drops – or if it starts to climb. Best of both worlds, eh?

Price Alerts are amazing

After Skyscanner


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9. Look at all that cash you’ve just saved.

Nice, eh?

10. Fall head over heels in love with us.

It happens to us all 💙

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