Check out Monarch's baggage allowance and read our top tips to help make the most of your hand luggage and avoid paying additional baggage charges.

Monarch hand luggage allowance: weight, size and fees

Monarch cabin bag size Monarch hand luggage weight allowance Number of bags allowed onboard Cost to check in oversized hand luggage
56x40x25cm maximum cabin baggage dimensions

This can be one bag or two bags not exceeding above dimensions

10kg maximum weight One or two pieces of hand luggage bag per passenger Free if your cabin bag meets Monarch regulations and flight is full

Excess hand luggage is £10 per kg

Monarch hold luggage allowance: weight, size and fees

Monarch hold baggage size Monarch hold luggage weight allowance Number of hold bags allowed Cost of Monarch hold luggage
81x119x119cm maximum dimensions 20kg, 23kg, 26kg in one bag, or40kg in two bags Up to 2 items of hold luggage per passenger At the airport£15-£36

These fees can vary depending on the route you're flying


Monarch's hand luggage policy has been impacted by the UK Government's ban on laptops and tablets in cabins, on direct flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. Full details here.

How to maximise hang luggage allowances and avoid Monarch baggage charges

With a flexible hand luggage policy Monarch make it easy to maximise your luggage allowance. Follow our five handy tips below and there really should be no need to pay any additional charges.

1. Split it between two bags

Thanks to Monarch's flexible baggage allowance, you are allowed to take on either one bag measuring no more than 56x40x25cm and weighing no more than than 10kgs or two separate bags as long as they don't exceed the same dimensions and weight. This means if you don't already have a cabin bag exactly this size, you can take on two bags you've already got - one for important and valuable items, such as passports and travel documents, and the other can be for clothes, toiletries and the rest of your holiday luggage essentials. However, if you decide you want to maximise Monarch's hand luggage policy and get the biggest cabin bag possible, here are seven great options worth spending your money on.

Monarch hand luggage tips: split your allowance into two bags

2. Arrive early

Even though you might only have cabin baggage to take on board your flight, if you arrive late and the flight is busy, you may have to put your bags in the hold, albeit free of charge. If you want to avoid having to loiter around the baggage carousel at your destination, make sure you heed the recommended times to arrive at the airport prior to departure. This is usually around 90 minutes before take-off for domestic and short haul flights. Another perk of arriving early? More time for duty free shopping.

Monarch luggage tips: arrive early

3. Think mini

When it comes to packing, the usual 100ml liquids rule still applies, so you're already restricted on the amount of toiletries you can take on board. However, applying this 'mini' rule to other aspects of your packing could save you even more valuable space. Think mini towels, mini soaps and mini hair straighteners. There are plenty of places to buy tiny travel bottles which will help when decanting your favourite bathroom products. If you'd like more advice and packing tips then step right this way.

Monarch luggage allowance and tips: buy mini toiletries

4. Pack smart

When it comes to making the most of Monarch's luggage allowance, a lot can depend not only on what you pack but how! There is an art to packing light, for example do you really need five pairs of shoes? If heading to sunny shores, you can buy flip flops when you arrive, leaving you more space in your case. If you're off on a snowboarding trip, wear your boots and snow jacket to the airport. Leave room for those inevitable souvenirs by taking fewer clothes and packing some handy travel wash instead. If you're going to be staying in a hotel for most of your holiday, don't bother with toiletries and towels as these will all be provided. Finally, getting it all in; rolling is the best method. By rolling socks, pants and other small items they can be stuffed inside shoes to save on valuable space. Vacuum packing is another amazing space saver and instead of weighing yourself down with a whole guide book, why not just photocopy the pages you need. Simple!

Pack smart: Monarch hand luggage allowance

5. If all else fails, check it in

It isn't always easy to travel light. Never fear, if you've shopped around and can't find an airline that can give you enough cabin space then why not just check your bag in? As long as you pre-book you luggage on board the cost will be less than doing so at the airport. Monarch's flexible hold luggage policy allows you to choose from 20kg, 23kg, 26kg in one hold bag, or 40kg in two hold bags. At least you will avoid having to cram bags into overhead lockers with 200 other passengers. You can just sit back, relax and be luggage free!

Checked luggage Monarch: baggage reclaim

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