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KLM hand luggage explained and how to maximise your cabin baggage allowance

What size does your hand luggage have to be be go on board a KLM flight? What liquids can you take in your cabin baggage, and what other items are restricted? Here's everything you need to know about KLM hand luggage allowances and restrictions, plus a few tips on avoiding excess baggage fees.

KLM hand luggage allowance: weight, size and fees

KLM cabin bag size KLM hand luggage weight allowance Number of bags allowed onboard Cost to check in oversized hand luggage
55x35x25cm maximum cabin baggage dimensions

40x30x15cm maximum size for additional small bag

Total weight max. 12kg One hand luggage bag per passenger, plus one small bag

Free if your cabin bag meets KLM regulations and flight is full

€40 (£35) per extra item

KLM hold luggage allowance: weight, size and fees

KLM hold baggage size KLM hold luggage weight allowance Number of hold bags allowed Cost of KLM hold luggage
LxHxW = 158cm maximum dimensions 23kg maximum weight: not including mobility equipment

KLM Flying Blue, Gold or Silver Passengers can bring 2 pieces of check-in luggage

Up to 1 item of hold luggage per passenger, 2 items per Flying Blue/Gold/Silver Passenger Online 20% cheaper to buy your baggage allowance in advance online

At the airport €40 (£35)

These fees can vary depending on the route you’re flying

FAQ about KLM’s baggage allowance

What if my luggage weighs more than 32kg (for one item)?

This will have to be charged as cargo, instead of baggage. To minimise fees split it into 2 bags, and upgrade to Business, or pay the separate fees for each bag. If you do need to ship items as cargo, get in touch with KLM over the phone – the number is currently +1 866-434-0320 (check their page for more information).

What if I have a golf bag, bike or surf board?

A golf bag can be treated as a ‘normal’ checked bag, as can surf boards under 107cm. Bikes and surf boards over 107cm will have to go into the hold as ‘speciality’ items, and fees will apply.

How much does it cost to carry skis and snow boards onto KLM flights?

KLM allows you to carry your snowboard or skis as regular luggage, providing it’s under 23kg. If not, the fee for travel within Europe is €25 (£20), and the transatlantic fee is €68 (£57) – check the full guide to carrying skis here. Here’s our guide to carrying your snow gear when travelling – whilst protecting it too.

KLM hand and hold luggage diagram

How to maximise KLM ‘s hand baggage allowance

1. Upgrade to Business or become a SkyTeam member

If you upgrade to KLM’s Business seating, you’ll receive 2 items of checked baggage, both with a maximum weight of 32kg. You’ll also receive 2 items of hand luggage, as well as your ‘accessory’ bag for your laptop or handbag. They’re not the only perks: you’ll gain 250% Flying Miles with KLM’s Frequent Flyer program, you’ll have access to the KLM Crown Lounges, you’ll get Priority boarding and more leg room on the plane. Want to get upgraded for free? Here are 15 of our tips and tricks for getting into the Lounge without paying.

2. Upgrade your hand luggage

If you’re carrying a bulky rolling suitcase, you could save yourself plenty on baggage by upgrading to one of these cabin-approved suitcases. Travelling with kids? Why not pack a Trunki? They’ll have their own luggage allowances if they have their own seat, and the Trunki keeps them entertained too. If you’re just after something stylish, small and practical, the CabinMax and Lowe Alpine are great choices for hand luggage. See the full list of cabin-approved (and Skyscanner approved) hand luggage.

3. Double up

If you’re flying with KLM you’re permitted 2 items of hand luggage. The first is the larger carry on, typically your suitcase (55x35x25cm), and the latter can be your laptop or handbag (40x30x15cm). So long as both are under 12kg, you can take these 2 items onto the plane with you. If you’re flying Business or as a SkyTeam Member, you’ll be permitted 2 larger items of luggage. Make sure you arrive early though, as KLM will pack larger items into the hold if there’s limited space on the aircraft (they’ll do this for free, so long as your luggage is within the restrictions).

4. Pack like a minimalist

Do you need a hairdryer, 5 pairs of shoes, or your tablet if you’re only heading away for one weekend in Portugal? Can you choose a hotel with these extra amenities instead? Make like a minimalist and start your packing list now. Learn how to roll your clothes, invest in a set of packing cubes and use these hacks for packing the awkward items like toiletries and make up.

5. Wear your luggage

So you might not be the sexiest person on the plane, but these wearable luggage jackets and waistcoasts will save you plenty of money on checking in a bag, or being stung with baggage fees. The Stuffa can hold 5kg of clothing, and the Rufus Roo can carry up to 10kg more of electrical items too – bringing your total allowance without checked luggage to 17kg or 22kg, depending on which you choose.

View cabin baggage rules for all airlines

6. Check out all the options

Where are you flying? KLM has generous weigh allowances for Europe, but you may find that British Airways offer more bang for your buck if you’re crossing the pond. On the other hand, if you have very little to carry, you could save money by flying with Wizz Air to the States. The price of their seats are extremely competitive, as each passenger is only permitted 10kg hand luggage – and checked luggage isn’t included in the ticket price. Check out all of the hand luggage restrictions for carriers within Europe.

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