On your marks, get set go! It's another flights flash sale from a low-cost airline! But you're just never quick enough eh? How do you bag a seriously cheap flight when these sales come around? Well, here are four tried and tested tips that will help you catch bargain flight fares before they're all gone...

1. Do an 'Everywhere' search

Either on our website or the mobile app, type in where you want to fly from and then in the 'To' field just type 'everywhere'. Select your dates and how many people are flying, then hit the search button. We'll show you the lowest prices being offered for flights to a wide range of fantastic destinations - including all of those fantastic sale flights. And remember, just because your flight isn't listed at the top of the search results doesn't mean it's not fantastic value. Flights are displayed in ascending price order, so a return flight to Orlando might be going for £400, but it will still be placed further down the list than a £50 return flight to Barcelona.

How to find flash sale flights before they're gone

2. Search for flights across a whole month

Enter the departure and arrival destinations, go to the 'Depart' or 'Return' search boxes and select the month you'd like to travel in. If you've searched for flights to a specific destination then the next screen will show you two calendars, or if you're searched 'everywhere' over an entire month, then a drop-down list of all the destinations with super cheap flights for the particular month will appear. You'll be able to find out more about the flight by choosing a destination and clicking the green button with the price on it. To really get the rock bottom prices though, search 'everywhere' in the 'Cheapest month' - this option will appear once you've tapped on the 'Depart' field and selected 'Whole month' (it's the button at the top of the drop-down menu).

How to find flash sale flights before they're gone

3. Search by country, not city

So you fancy a holiday in the Caribbean but you're not bothered which island? Or you're craving one of Thailand's famous green curries but you're not bothered which Thai city you eat it in? Then you'll love our country search option. Simply enter your departure point and travel dates and enter the country (for example, United States instead of the specific city or airport. You'll then see a list of prices for flights to a range of US destinations, starting with the cheapest. This is a great option if you're heading to a particular region, rather than sticking to one specific city.

4. Set up Price Alert emails

So you've searched for your flight and seen the results but you think the price might drop even more and you're in no rush to book. Click on the 'Get Price Alerts' button on the left side of the screen and you'll be signed up to receive an email alert whenever the price of that particular flight goes up or down. You can set alerts for any date or destination, so it's super useful for finding out whenever a flight sale goes live on a particular destination or route. And it's also a great way of ramping up those pre-holiday excitement levels...

How to find flash sale flights before they're gone

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