Wondering what to pack before your holiday? Check out these travel gadgets from Amazon, perfect for travelling photographers, freelancers and tech fiends.

1. BUBM Accessories Carry Bag Electronics Cable Case Computer Gadgets Organiser, £18.99

Your USB cables, chargers, adaptors and memory cards all have a home inside this set of 3 organisational carry bags. It also comes with colourful dividers so that you'll never lose that micro USB cable or headphones ever again.

What they say:

"I already own a number of products from BUBM and they are all very good and do the required job very well and in truth, you can never have too many good storage cases.

I have so many batteries, cables, and little accessories tat often just get stuck in drawers and forgotten that it's never going to be a bad thing to have somewhere proper to store all of my bit and pieces." - Jouster

2. Amazon Basics Travel Case Small Devices, £8.49

The moulded exterior on this hard shell case provides serious protection, for gadgets, especially if you've put them in your big bag in the hold. Here are 10 items you're not actually allowed to take in the cabin with you.

What they say:

"The case itself its very sturdy, and can hold my iPad cable and plug plus my camera battery charger and plug as well. For me the various pouches inside are superfluous to my needs, however they may come in handy for keeping batteries in." - Josh

3. PriTek Travel Gear Organiser, £9.99

Neat freak? This travel organiser isn't just for the techies. Slot your passport, phone, travel docs, chargers and money into this lightweight nylon folder for maximum organisation.

What they say:

"This is an extremely well-made organiser. The fabric is good quality, nice and strong and durable. The compartments inside are securely stitched and keep everything snugly in place." - Josh

4. KoPack Antitheft Backpack, £30.99

KoPack's sleek and padded laptop bag comes with the added benefit of anti-slash bag straps, ideal for travelling in dangerous cities. Even if you're not too worried about theft, the easy side pockets on the bag make getting through security a breeze. Our guide to theft proofing your luggage will also help if you're on your way to a pickpocket city.

What they say:

"Excellent!! I purchased this just before a trip to Portugal and wanted a backpack I would feel confident wearing in crowded areas like on the metro and in small spaces as I was carrying my iPad, cameras and personal items instead and it worked a treat." - macwisdom

5. KINDEN Universal Adaptor with USB Ports and in car charger, £16.00

This adaptor works almost anywhere, including USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Australian, New Zealand, Argentina, Hong Kong, UK, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Qatar, Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Republic of Korea... you get the picture. Instead of buying multiple chargers, this one will set you up for life.

What they say:

"I needed a travel adaptor for a holiday in the States and originally, I was going to buy a cheap, basic device until I saw this item with a built-in battery. I appreciate that it costs more than a standard adaptor, but I felt that the addition of the battery and two USB sockets was a useful idea and a good selling point." - Steven H

6. ARKTEK Stick On Phone Wallet, £4.99

Hate holding a bulky wallet as well as your phone? This little wallet sticks to the back of your phone so you can slide it into your jeans or jacket pocket. Nifty.

What they say:

"Good for holding money but it's to small to fit credit cards at first so give it a stretch with your fingers for a while to loosen it up a tiny bit, also get the black as other colours get dirty easy, and if you have a phone cover on your phone and your putting it on it make sure the phone cover is flat as it won't stick other wise." - Amazon Customer

7. Corkcicle Tumbler - Thermal Travel Mug, £19.99

Approximately 16,000,000 cups are thrown away every single day right now, which isn't doing our environment any good. Save the world one coffee at a time with a new tumbler mug, and keep your drinks toasty too.

What they say:

"Arrived today it's fabulous ... keeps coffee hot for ages ... it will leak if you tip it upside down - so don't do that ! But if you're looking for a travel cup that keeps your coffee hot for ages - this is it." - kmoongi

8. S'well Water Bottle in Mother of Pearl, £34.99

You might have caught the S'well fever already, these aesthetically pleasing bottles keep your drinks cold and look nice on your airplane table. These less expensive stainless steel water bottles make excellent dupes for S'well flasks.

What they say:

"My 2nd swell bottle!! Funky design and great for keeping water cool!! Even hot days at the beach when I was in Australia!" - Amazon Customer

9. Arvok Roll-up Electronics Organiser Travel Bag Accessories Case Kit, £7.99

Stow away USB cables, phone chargers, cameras, batteries and more in this compact roll up case. It's also water resistant.

What they say:

"It's a decent size, well made, with good strong stitching. The inside features a couple of netted zip pockets, plus a number smaller, elasticated pockets, plus several elasticated loops, all of which combined, held all my bits and bobs very nicely." - Glenn L

10. Lunabox Travel Speaker, £13.99

Whether you're on a boat in Croatia or a bus in Bolivia, music adds life to the party. This lightweight speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth device, and the exterior will look just as at home in a hotel room as it would on the beach.

What they say:

"Fantastic speaker very clear and loud, looks stunning has a fantastic Bluetooth range with my iPad." - Amazon Customer

11. Startech 2-in-1 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI or VGA Travel A/V Adapter, £19.13

If you're a movie buff, and you just want to tune into Netflix on one of your travel days, this adaptor will help you connect to any VGA or HDMI port.

What they say:

"Great product" - Amazon Customer

12. Howsar Quick Lock, £5.99

Say you've got a less than private AirBnB, or you want an extra level of security when you go to sleep. This quick fix reinforces the security of any door, weighs very little and will give you extra piece of mind.

What they say:

"Works perfectly in seconds. If its fitted correctly then it really takes a serious force attack to get through it and as it only works if your inside the room" - Robert Macdonald

13. Garybank Waterproof Laptop Backpack, £29.99

If you're heading down south for summer to Australia or South America, you won't be escaping the rain. This waterproof backpack is ideal if you carry a laptop with you.

What they say:

"The backpack is mainly for college use, it fits my laptop perfectly. I usually have one 2 inches binder, 2 books and my calendar planner in my backpack besides the laptop, and my cell phone can perfectly fits in the small pocket which allows me to store and take out my phone without digging into the backpack" - ian

14. Avon Sun Safety Box, £9.44

Hate leaving your stuff on the beach whilst you go for a dip? This alleviates the problem a little, by providing a safety box for keys, money and phones that looks like a cheap bottle of sun cream.

What they say:

"Clever and simple. Bought for my daughter going to Brazil. Came in handy when on the beach. She put her phone, money and room key card inside. Left it with her towel slightly over it and her bag beside it and a thief stole her bag... They just got a bottle of water..." - Lo

15. Special Travel Pillow, £22.75

You might of seen this attractive headgear on your Facebook feed before now. It provides 360 degrees of comfort, but you are risking looking like a weirdo on the plane to Malaga. On the plane anywhere, really, as El Capitano puts nicely.

What they say:

"I have used it now on a couple of journeys although not in its 'hat' configuration (not quite plucked up the courage). I will do though as it works nicely like that. I have tried it in private and it works but obviously wearing it like the hat is going to make you look like a tool!" - El Capitano

16. Mini Dry Bag, £6.99

Anyone keen on kayaking, rapids or banana boats (each to their own) should invest in a dry bag for valuables. It takes the stress out of leaving it in an unlocked 'office' (see also: beach shack), and means you can take pics when you're on that little island in Fiji.

What they say:

"I have bought this for going abroad the smaller holder easily fits my phone in (iPhone 6) and would easily fit in more (cards/ money) and still fits into my pockets" - Craig

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