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9 luggage accessories for the most organised packing ever

Organise your bags like a pro and pack light with these smart, space-saving luggage accessories. From packing cubes to travel wallets, these handy gadgets will make sorting out your luggage a lot easier, and could save you money on excess baggage fees. So go on and get organised!

1. **G2PLUS Travel Wallet and Organizer

Keep your passport, tickets and money safe with a travel wallet made for frequent flyers. The multiple pockets in this organiser from G2PLUS mean you can slot in credit cards, pens, loose change and even your phone, and the whole thing is waterproof so you’ll avoid soggy boarding passes even if you get caught in the rain on the way to the airport. Light enough to fit into your handbag or rucksack but with a wrist-strap if you want to keep it ready in your hand.

G2PLUS Travel Wallet and Organizer

2. **Bago Packing Cubes Value Set

Avoid screwing up your best holiday outfits in a last-minute packing effort, and get yourself some packing cubes. These bags-within-bags allow you to sort your clothes, toiletries and accessories with a military precision (think beachwear in one, underwear and socks in another…). They’re also infinitely handy when it comes to sharing travel luggage, as you can split your suitcase literally down the middle with a partner. Unpacking on the other side becomes a dream, especially if you’re on the road for a while – just transfer the cubes to the hotel drawers when you arrive, then zip them up and pop them back in your bag when it’s time to move on! Read more super tips for organising your holiday in our ultimate packing guide.

3.**ONEGenug Waterproof Toilet Bag

Get your grooming kit in order with a washbag that comes with compartments for everything from your toothbrush to your malaria tablets. Once you’ve packed all of your bathroom products, you won’t have to do it again until home – just unzip the bag and hang it wherever you happen to be staying. Luggage accessories like this one from ONEGenug are also invaluable for camping trips, especially when you have to carry all of your toiletries to and from the bathroom in the dark.

4. **Go Travel Bag Xtra

Everyone’s got a favourite hand luggage bag, whether you prefer wheels or a backpack, hard case or soft shell, but it’s hard not to appreciate a holdall that folds away to nothing like this Travel Bag Xtra from Go Travel. You can use it as a simple cabin bag, or, if you’re a souvenir fiend, pack it flat in your suitcase for emergency storage, just in case you end up returning from holiday with a lot more luggage than you set out with. In the market for a new carry on bag? Check out our staff recommendations on trusty cabin bags over here.

Go Travel Bag Xtra

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5. **Waterproof Dry Bag

Though it’s the perfect travel accessory for outdoor types, a dry bag is useful whether you’re rafting down a river or bumming on the beach. Use as a protective inner bag for your damp swimming kit, muddy clothes or towels, or take it out with you on a hike, bike ride or kayaking trip to keep everything safe and dry. A lot of dry bags are highly water-resistant, but you can plunge this Ultra Dry Adventurer bag into some seriously deep water without your spare socks getting a drop on them – and if you’re not happy then they have a money back guarantee.

6. **eBoot 2 Pack Luggage Security Strap

Luggage straps are not just for extra security, but this pair has a coded lock and enough length to wrap both ways around your suitcase, so you won’t have to worry about your bags being broken into or losing any of your luggage on the baggage carousel. These straps are also handy if you’ve got a roll-mat, sleeping bag or rain poncho with you that just won’t shove inside your suitcase or backpack. And with a bright rainbow print, you’ll be able to see your wheelie coming down the conveyor belt from the other side of the arrivals hall.

7. **TravelGenixx Hidden Travel Money Belt

A money belt is an essential piece of travel gear these days, whether you’re rushing through busy airports or exploring crowded markets. At a basic level, it keeps all your valuable documents, cards and passport where they’re safe, organised and easily accessible, while the beige colour makes it a bit less obvious that you’re packing more than some damn fine abs around your middle. OK, it might look like an eighties throwback to the bum bag, but practicality beats style when you’re travelling, right?

8. **Unigear Waterproof Pouch and Phone Case

You know how it is: one minute you’re lounging on the sand without a care in the world and the next, all your mates have rushed off to frolic in the sea, leaving you behind with the bags. Invest in some ziplock waterproof bags for your money, phone or camera, and you can join in the fun without fear of leaving anything important unattended on the beach. The triple-lock seal makes it safe to swim with your stuff, or even take a picture while your phone’s submerged. This set also comes with wristbands and waistbands so the bags can be worn hands-free. Load up with the latest tech travel accessories, with our roundup of the best gadgets to take on holiday.

9. **Leather Jewellery Travel Case

Keep your jewellery tidy with this vintage-inspired travel case, which comes with a strap to fasten necklaces and bracelets without getting them in a tangle before you’ve even taken off. It’s small enough to tuck in a carry-on bag if there’s anything valuable you want to keep on you for the journey.

Leather Jewellery Travel Case

*Published December 2016. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability.

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