So, you reckon you can survive a long haul flight, but is your luggage up to the test? These suitcases have been proven strong by Amazon's wanderlusting reviewers, and are more than up to the task. So without further ado, here are the best luggage options for taking on long haul journeys, from hard shell cases to lightweight pull along bags.

Take a look at the best suitcases for long haul travel: - Aerolite Large Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell case - American Tourister Bon Air 4 Wheel Suitcase - Antler Suitcase Aire 4-Wheel case - Eastpak Suitcase TRANVERZ L + many more...

1. Aerolite Large Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Travel Hold Check In Luggage Suitcase, 131 litres

The Aerolite Lightweight Hard Shell is made of sturdy stuff, if you're transporting delicate materials like tech, sketchbooks or liquids, opt for a hard shell case. It's also available in a wonderfully fluorescent lime green, in case you fancy jazzing up the airline's hold. One thing's for sure - there will be no missing this one at the carousel.

Weight: 4.85 kg Dimensions: 58 x 31 x 79 Centimetres

What they say:

'Fantastic service and luggage, I travelled to Thailand Phuket from London and the luggage stayed in one piece. When we got back home the luggage were still in the same conditions as we bought them, obviously with few marks which is understandable. I would highly recommend these luggage as they look pretty and easy to find on the belts. Very light and strong. Definitely reliable.' - Mohammed

2. Revelation Suitcase Alex Large, 128 litres

At a gargantuan 128 litres, you can fit everything and the kitchen sink in here. If you're a bit of a baggage bargain hunter, the Revelation is a steal (and smaller sizes are available).

Weight: 3.7 kg Dimensions: 31 x 49 x 76 cm

What they say:

'I've been flying twice a week for the past several months. There's a bit of wear and tear to it now - but I'd expect that from flying. It's a very VERY good suitcase that has many pockets and at this price - is an absolute steal!' - Brian Elliott

3. American Tourister Bon Air 4 Wheel Suitcase, 91 litres

Coral, turquoise, navy, white: who said suitcases had to be black or grey? The American Tourister would make a great gift for someone flying away shortly, since it's stylish as well as practical. It's perfect for flying in and out of the United States as it's already fitted with a TSA Approved three-digit lock, and the hard shell means your belongings will be protected too.

Weight: 4.2 kg Dimensions: 54 x 29 x 75 cm

What they say:

'This is an excellent trolley case. It looks good and the interior is impressive. It has useful compartments and a divider and everything is held in place very well. The four wheels run smoothly and make it so easy to manoeuvre.' - Grandma Cath

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4. Antler Suitcase Juno 4-Wheel Case, 70 litres

The Antler is a little more snug than other cases, which means your belongings won't move around during transit. Both sides have compartments and dividers, and the hard shell is still flexible, meaning it can take a few bumps without any lasting damage. Multiple colours and sizes are available, so there's plenty of choice, too. Compartments are no use if you can't pack though - here are our best packing tips, ever!

Weight: 4.4 kg Dimensions: 46 x 68 x 26 cm

What they say:

'I bought the smaller cabin sized version of this first and that has worked well so getting the bigger one was an easy choice. The ABS they are made from is soft and flexible, not the hard brittle material often used on other cases so its going to take the knocks much better. ' - JonO

5. Antler Suitcase Aire 4-Wheel case, 104 litres

The Aire is ever so slightly lighter than the Juno, and it has greater capacity and more features. The suitcases is fitted with a TSA lock and 360 degree rotating wheels, making it a joy to pull around the airport. The Antler Aire is a little pricey, but the upfront cost is worth it, since you'll receive a 10-year warranty on purchase. That gives you plenty of time to test it out.

Weight: 2.7 kg Dimensions: 30 x 49 x 80 cm

What they say:

'Survived trip to the USA and 2 internal flights without incident. My daughters cheap high street case however was completely wrecked on the same journey vindicating my decision to spend a lot more on these Antler cases. They really are light and very easy to move around, a joy to use! I highly recommend these cases to anyone who does a lot of holidaying. ' - David Stevens

6. Eastpak Suitcase TRANVERZ L, 121 litres

Pack it up or pack it down, the Eastpak is much more adaptable than many hard shell cases thanks to its soft shell sides. You'll be able to squeeze this onto a 15kg limit for flights within Europe, or stuff it to the brim with 30kg for a Sydney flight. The 121 litre capacity, silent wheels and compartments mean it was meant for long haul journeys. It's also a favourite with reviewers for action holidays and ski trips. Heading on a shorter trip? Check out the best lightweight suitcases for travel.

Weight: 3.6 kg Dimensions: 38 x 40 x 77 cm

What they say:

'I travel a lot for work and need my clothes and bits and bobs to be easily accessible and compartmentalised. It can be packed up or down - meaning its super flexible for the amount you fill it with depending on if you are going away for a week or up to a month. ' - Lou

Suitcase FAQ 💡

How many suitcases can I take with me on a flight? This depends on your airline, your destination and the type of ticket you hold, but economy ticket holders tend to be granted one 23kg bag on international flights. Check your allowances here.

Which is better: hard shell suitcases or soft suitcases? Soft suitcases are usually able to adapt to different contents. For example, you might be heading to Thailand with only a few items, but you might want to bring back plenty of clothes and holiday trinkets. Soft suitcases are your best bet there, whereas hard shells are more restrictive and protect any delicates a little better.

Can Customs open my case without me being present? Yes, they have the right to open your case if they believe there's something in there that needs inspection. However, if you have a TSA approved lock, they'll be able to open your case without damaging it. This is why so many cases now come fitted with it already.

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