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9 of the best laptop bags, backpacks and briefcases for travel in 2017

There are loads of reasons to take your laptop with you when you go travelling. Maybe you're away on business, you want to stay connected during a long trip, or you've finally done it - you've launched that travel blog. Whatever the reason, we've picked out some of the best bags for carrying your laptop (be it a Mac, Acer or HP). We’ve found laptop bags that don’t look like laptop bags, laptop sleeves for keeping it lightweight and laptop bags with anti-theft protection.

**Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Backpack

Perfect laptop bag for: When you want a laptop bag that doesn’t look like a laptop bag

The Herschel bags have a cult following for a reason. Each of their backpacks have a padded sleeve on the back for your laptop, which is able to fit a larger 15 inch laptop inside (you can also squeeze cables in if you have a 13 inch). There’s also plenty of room to store more, and the shoulder straps are padded, making it an easier weight to bare too.

5 Cities Laptop Roller Case Briefcase, fits up to 15 inches

Perfect laptop bag for: Travelling whilst working, so you Look professional strolling through security (even if you are struggling with the world’s worst jet lag)

You can’t beat being able to wheel your belongings along behind you weightlessly whilst others struggle with 10 kilo backpacks. This one from 5 Cities only weighs 2 kilos, and measures 43.5 x 36 x 20 cm. That means it fits in most carriers cabin luggage.

Plemo Bohemian Style Laptop Sleeve Case Bag, fits up to 15.6 inches, other colours available

Perfect laptop bag for: If you already have a bag you love, but you need something to store your laptop in

Laptop sleeves like this one are ideal if you know you’ll be travelling with your laptop, but you love changing up your day bag. Pop your notebook or passport in alongside your computer. This sleeve will keep it safe and organised until you need it.

AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack, up to 17 inches

Perfect laptop bag for: If you want a cheap laptop bag that can go long haul

This laptop bag weighs just 1 kilo, and bonus point: it’s water resistant. If you’re a student and you know you’ll need to pack plenty more into your day bag (books, a pair of shoes, a bottle of wine on the way home), this AmazonBasics one is perfect.

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**REYLEO Laptop Backpack Rucksack Business Bag, up to up to 14.1 inches.

Perfect laptop bag for: Those in need of a work backpack, but don’t want it to ‘look’ like a traditional work backpack.

The Reyleo is ideal for those who travel, work in offices and want a bag that can double as a sleek daypack. It’s a far cry from the bulky laptop bags of the past – with dimensions of 32 x 15 x 46 cm, you can slip it straight under the seat in front, or pop it under your jacket if you’re walking through sketchier places when you travel.

**S-ZONE 3 – Ways Vintage Canvas Laptop Backpack, fits 14 inches.

Perfect laptop bag for: If you want an alternative to the Herschel, that’s still practical and pretty

This bag is ideal if you’re going from an office, to a European city break, stopping off at your mate’s house, then swinging back into work on the way back. It fits everything and the kitchen sink inside, with multiple pockets and compartments. Yes, it’s still cabin approved.

**Kopack Laptop bag Slim Anti Theft Computer Travel Backpack, fits up to 15.6 inches.

Perfect laptop bag for: Anyone cautious of travelling in dangerous zones with a laptop

The slash resistant bands on this backpack make it perfect for travelling through slightly dodgy neighbourhoods on your way home – whether you’re travelling or not. The laptop pocket fits 15 inch – 15.6 inch laptops inside, too.

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**Arvok Water-resistant Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve With Handle & Zipper Pocket, fits up to 17.3 inches, other colours/sizes available.

Perfect laptop bag for: When all you want to carry is your laptop. This is also one of the few bags that will fit larger Acers or HPs.

Are you one of the travellers who like to go straight to the gate, don’t carry extras and don’t have time for Duty Free? This could be for your, since this bag doesn’t fit in anything else. With a water resistant cover and strap to carry it, you’ll be set to take it from the cabin to the board room (and you can stash it away inside another bag if you don’t want any eyes on it).

And for the serious techies…

## **[Visenta Cable Organiser for Travel]( **Perfect laptop bag for:** Those wanting to transform their nest of wires into neatly organised system We’ve all put our laptop charger, phone charger and camera charger in one bag, only to retrieve them an hour later looking like Spaghetti Junction. This neat little pack allows you to carry wires individually, _and_ it only weighs 85 grams.
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