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Keep your little travellers entertained with our new play packs

There's no doubt about it: juggling work and personal responsibilities while being forced to stay at home can be a struggle. And if you have a restless child at home—or know of someone who does—it all becomes exponentially more difficult.

To take a bit of that pressure off, starting from today, Skyscanner is offering free downloadable play packs for your little one’s entertainment. Each week, we’ll share a new pack filled with engaging puzzles, games, quizzes, and drawing challenges to help them explore their great big world without ever leaving the house—hopefully quite handy for getting a bit of downtime while keeping the kiddos occupied in a productive and creative way. 

What’s in the first week’s play pack?

What’s your favourite holiday memory? Whether your child is a mini Picasso or just likes to get wild with Crayons, this challenge will task them with drawing out a favourite holiday memory—and we want to see their true talent. Share the final product with us by tagging @skyscanner on one of our social channels. We might even feature our favourites on here, for the world to see. 

Where in the world? Find the destinations in our word search, and then locate them on a globe! How many will your little one discover? Once you’ve explored a few, we’d love to hear which of the destinations you and your child would most like to visit in the future and why. Tag @skyscanner on social media to share what’s next on your family’s travel bucket list. 

play pack for children to do indoors

Need more ideas for fun indoors?

Travel with your imagination

Right now, creativity is all your child really needs to visit some of the world’s most exciting destinations. By using everyday items around the house, a stimulated imagination can quickly generate hours of incredible travel fun. 

Build the Eiffel Tower with toy blocks, stack pillows to create the winding ravines of the Grand Canyon, or drape blankets from furniture to form the colorful markets of Marrakech. The world is your child’s oyster—all straight from home.  

fun things to do for children indoors

Travel in the digital age 

We’re lucky enough to be living in a time in which nearly everything we could ever want to know can be found at our fingertips, so let’s get online and explore the world. Start making plans for the next trip you’ll take with family (even if you’re not exactly sure when that will be) or schedule a video-call meal with loved ones living on the other side of the world. Beyond merely being fun activities, this can be an excellent opportunity to teach kids the importance of kindness, resilience, and flexibility in challenging times. 

And just generally, it’s always nice to stay in touch with loved ones—because sometimes we all need a little reminder that #wewill get through this. 

video call meal with children

Has your child created a masterpiece using our play packs? We’d love to see! Share it with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag us @skyscanner