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Talk like a pirate, walk like a pirate: 8 pirate places around the world

Talk like a pirate, walk like a pirate: 8 pirate places around the world

Well ahoy there all ye heartie land lubbers, swashbucklers and buccaneers!

To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th 2009), let Skyscanner shiver your timbers with its selection of the most piratey places across the seven seas. So raise anchor, hoist your Jolly Roger and go forth in search of pirate booty. Aarhh!


Preceding their Caribbean cousins by a few hundred years, the Vikings were the pirates of the northern seas. They raided and plundered the coasts, rivers and inland cities of Western Europe and their influences can still be seen today. Visit the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo which holds impressive Viking vessels and original Viking artefacts. Find cheap flights to Oslo


Many moons ago, a people called the Narentines who lived in what we now call Croatia, were fierce pirates who prowled the Adriatic looking for ships to plunder. Nowadays, yachts sail freely among Croatia’s beautiful islands without the threat of attack; the islands of Hvar, Brac and Solta are particular favourites with sailors. Find cheap flights to Croatia

Bristol, UK

This port city in southwest England has a long history of pirate antics and was the birthplace of Blackbeard, one of the most famous pirates ever to have sailed the seven seas. Splice the main brace by supping on a pint of ale in the Llandoger Trow pub in the dockland area of Bristol which is rumoured to be where many pirates quenched their thirst, recruited their crews and planned their plundering. Find cheap flights to Bristol


The Wokou were Japanese pirates who raided the coastlines of China and Korea during the 13th century, plundering exotic booty to bring back home. You can still sail around the seas of Japan in various ferries that take travellers to Japan’s many isles such as Hokkaido – the northernmost island in the Japanese archipelago and a land of smouldering volcanoes, cool lakes and high mountains. Times have changed since the days of pirate galleons though; Japan’s ferries come equipped with on-deck hot tubs, beer vending machines and communal baths. Find cheap flights to Japan

pirate.ghost.JPGNorman Island (British Virgin Islands)

This is said to have been the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic swashbuckling pirate tale – Treasure Island. The island remains a tropical tax-haven paradise and tourism is big with excellent yachting, diving and general beach lounging being the big activities here. Find cheap flights to the British Virgin Islands

Tortuga, Haiti

This mountainous, rocky island off the north coast of Haiti, featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean and was famed for being a major stronghold of Caribbean piracy. Today Tortuga is largely forgotten by tourists and remains a quiet, underdeveloped island where intrepid visitors come to see its quiet villages, caves, ruins and beaches. Find cheap flights to Haiti


At 250 miles off the south east coast of Africa, Madagascar’s numerous concealed coves and hidden beaches made it popular with privateers and retired pirates who often settled there for a quiet life after adventuring on the high seas. Nowadays, Madagascar’s reefs, rainforests and profusion of wildlife (80% is found nowhere else on earth) makes it popular with nature lovers who come to see the lemurs, tree boas and panther chameleons amongst other fauna. Find cheap flights to Madagascar


Modern day pirates have been making headlines over the last year for capturing and ransoming cargo ships and private yachts off the east coast of Africa. Forget any romantic notions of swashbuckling salty sea dogs though, Somali pirates come armed with AK-47s and RPGs and are a major threat to international shipping. Don’t find cheap flights to Somalia