News Taiwan a ‘microcosm’ of what Asia has to offer

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Taiwan a ‘microcosm’ of what Asia has to offer

Taiwan a 'microcosm' of what Asia has to offer

First-time travellers booking flights to Taiwan benefit from a comprehensive introduction to what the Far East has to offer.

This is according to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, which believes the island country is a "microcosm" of Asia’s highlights, matching everything from Thailand’s beaches to the renowned cuisines of Japan and China.

"This makes it an ideal place for travellers if they’ve been to other countries in Asia and are looking for a road less travelled – or if they’ve never been and are looking for an introduction to all that the Far East is good at," explained Josephine Huang, the bureau’s marketing manager.

Ms Huang went on to say that Taiwan boasts a traditional aboriginal culture and some of Asia’s most "impressive hiking routes". It is also increasing in popularity among cyclists.

Londoners may have noticed an increased Taiwanese presence in the capital, with tourist officials having implemented an advertising campaign featuring posters on the Tube, in taxis and on animated displays.

According to the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the number of international visitors to the region increased by three percent in the 12 months to November 2009.