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T5 is working, say BA

T5 is working, say BA

British Airways has launched a new advertising campaign which will highlight the airline’s operations at Heathrow.

The T5 is Working campaign will feature live-action adverts showing how airline staff operate to ensure flights are on time and passengers travel safely through the terminal.

Each clip will be filmed 24-hours in advance and then shown online and on outdoor digital advertising displays. Radio clips will also be recorded.

British Airways hopes to give customers an "accurate portrayal" of its performance at Terminal 5 after a turbulent start earlier this year.

"The aim of the campaign is to communicate to the travelling public in an open and factual way that Terminal 5 is now working well," said BA’s general manager for marketing communications Katherine Whitton.

"The campaign will show that Terminal 5 is a fantastic building that provides a high-quality travel experience and will encourage travellers to try it for themselves."

Meanwhile, BA’s subsidiary OpenSkies has announced new flights from Amsterdam to New York.

The route will start in October and complement the airline’s existing flights to Paris from New York.