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Swarm of bees board Moscow flight

Swarm of bees board Moscow flight

We’ve all heard of ‘snakes on a plane’, but ‘bees on board’ is a new addition to animal encounters whilst flying!


Last week a plane full of passengers en-route to Moscow were happily minding their own business when two large swarms of bees began to appear in the cabin.

Not surprisingly, panic ensued and passengers ‘buzzed’ for help as the stripy little critters flew around the aircraft. The cabin crew rushed around trying to trap the inquisitive bees in various places.

Many were caught in staff lockers which were taped shut to prevent further escape. Once they’d all been apprehended, passengers were calmed and the flight continued on its 10-hour journey to the Russian capital.

It appears that a senior airport official was responsible for bringing the bees on board. A trafficker had been instructed to bring them to the airport and was reported to have been ‘slightly drunk’ on arrival – hardly surprising when one tries to smuggle two boxes of bees into an airport. Once on board, it seems the bees weren’t content with travelling in the hold and obviously preferred a window seat.

Nobody was reported to have been stung, and as soon as the plane landed the bees were removed and the plane fumigated so it could continue its journey to Spain. On arrival in Barcelona however, three crafty bees were found to have evaded capture.