News ‘Superb’ conditions reported at continental ski resorts

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‘Superb’ conditions reported at continental ski resorts

'Superb' conditions reported at continental ski resorts

Ski resorts across Europe are reporting "outstanding" conditions, which could encourage more Brits to book flights to the continent and take to the slopes.

Ski Club of Great Britain representatives across the continent have been compiling snow reports, with many describing conditions as "superb" and "the best of the season so far".

These reports, which cover more than 250 resorts, are updated on a daily basis.

"Excellent day, probably the best so far this season. Good light powder snow everywhere," was one La Plagne-based representative’s report earlier this month, with the resort easily accessible thanks to cheap flights to nearby Grenoble and Lyon.

Those wanting to ski closer to home can book domestic flights to Scotland, which is currently enjoying "outstanding snow conditions".

The Ski Club of Britain last month reported a rise in the number of solo skiers heading to Europe.

This came after a new set of figures were published in the Independent, which revealed that ‘solidays’, where people travel by themselves, have increased in popularity.