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Suitcase Eyes – we’ve got our eye on you

Suitcase Eyes - we've got our eye on you

Do you regularly stand at luggage carousels after a long flight watching endless pieces of blue and black nondescript luggage dancing around the baggage hall wondering which, if any of them, is yours?


Have you ever taken the wrong bag and ended up with a suitcase full of someone else’s dirty laundry or tacky knick-knacks from around the globe, realising embarrassingly that someone else must have yours?

Well, now there is a wonderful and innovative way to ‘keep an eye’ on your luggage that is sure to put a stop to this harrowing experience once and for all.


Suitcase Eyes, made by MUJI are cute, quirky and colourful little eyes that stick on to your suitcase, backpack, handbag or whatever else you are sending through customs, giving your luggage that personal touch. And who knows, this may even deter potential opportunists from pinching your bag thanks to the feeling of ‘being watched’.

Choose from big blue eyes to those with specs, ones with red eye shadow and wide eyed varieties. Whatever pair you choose, you can be sure you’ll never lose your luggage on that pesky carousel again. If you want to ham it up, you could personalise your baggage further with moustaches, ties and other exotic accessories.