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Study abroad: best places to save on tuition fees

Study abroad: best places to save on tuition fees

Don’t want to pay the £9,000 tuition fee for English universities? Five options to study abroad and save money


Figures released from UCAS this week have shown that a record 583,501 people have applied to start university in the UK this year, as new students attempt to avoid the tuition fee increase in England which is due to come into effect in 2012.

However, Skyscanner suggests that enrolling this year isn’t the only way to save money; choosing to study abroad may also be a cheaper option, especially when cost of living is taken into account.

Bangalore, India

Thanks to India’s flourishing technology industries, there are many institutions offering courses in IT and computer sciences, such as the Indian Institute of Science in the region of Karnataka – known as the ‘Silicon Valley of Asia’. With great value flights to India, average annual tuition fees of around £230 and the second lowest cost of living in the world, India is an excellent choice for the tech-minded.

Beijing, China

Learning to speak Mandarin can now often yield lucrative career options for Brits looking to work in the booming Chinese economy. Beijing’s Chinese Language Education School offers a range of courses including General, Business and Intensive Chinese starting from £2,700 per year, which more than makes up for Beijing’s cost of living which now ranks alongside London. Find flights to Beijing

Porto, Portugal

Over 200 million people speak Portugese worldwide, and the historic University of Porto is where around 2,000 international students choose to complete higher education each year while picking up the local lingo. A year’s tuition fees for an average Undergraduate Business course are £850, and a month’s rent on campus only £150 – far cheaper than the UK. Find flights to Porto

Leuven, Belgium

The University of Leuven in Belgium attracts many students from the UK due its high level of English speaking staff and students. Although Belgium has a similar cost of living to the UK, tuition fees often come in cheaper with courses such as Master of Advanced Studies in Economics starting at £1200 per year and others like Master of Restorative Dentistry around £4700 per year. Find flights to Brussles

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s capital has a wealth of international academic institutions from which to choose from, including Bangkok University which offers a Business English BA for a three-year course fee of £6,600. Although living costs in Thailand are among the cheapest in the world – Bangkok is around half the price of London – flights to Bangkok can be pricey, so you may not want to visit home at the end of every semester.