News Stranded by SkyEurope? Skyscanner presents alternative flight options

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Stranded by SkyEurope? Skyscanner presents alternative flight options

Stranded by SkyEurope? Skyscanner presents alternative flight options

After months of fighting for their survival, Slovakian budget airline SkyEurope has filed for bankruptcy and announced the immediate grounding of their fleet on Sept 1.


According to media reports, the airline had been barred from flying from Vienna Airport after unsettled debts. Prague Airport announced similar measures for the same reason on Monday.

The financial crisis triggered turbulences for the flight provider, which now has suspended operations completely following failed negotiations over temporary financial support measures.

Thousands of travellers are now stranded all over Europe. According to Roland Schranz, press speaker for SkyEurope, 71 flights with around 7,900 passengers were planned for this Tuesday alone. Some 10,000 flights are thought to be affected in the period until February 2010.

On SkyEurope’s website, the former flight provider expresses regret and advises passengers that they must now arrange alternative flights home at their own expense.

RyanAir, WizzAir, EasyJet, Austrian Airlines, FlyNiki and Air Berlin all announced provisions to return stranded holiday makers to their homes. Some of these airlines are offering special fares for passengers with SkyEurope booking numbers.

Here is Skyscanner’s overview of alternative flight options on SkyEurope routes.

For stranded passengers:

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Flights from Romania to Manchester

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