News ‘Staycationers’ don’t think travel insurance is needed

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‘Staycationers’ don’t think travel insurance is needed

'Staycationers' don't think travel insurance is needed

The overwhelming majority of holidaymakers who have booked domestic flights within the UK have not considered travel insurance.

This is according to research from Essential Travel, which discovered that 82 percent of ‘staycationers’ did not consider opting for travel insurance.

It was also revealed that the 12 percent of those who insured their holidays did so because they were worried about developing swine flu.

Essential Travel director Simon Purnell said that most people he spoke to did not think that travel insurance was necessary because they were having their annual break in Britain.

"Whether you’re jetting across the globe or holidaying in the UK this year, the right insurance is essential," he explained.

"Luggage can still be lost on a domestic flight and trips may still have to be unexpectedly cancelled, it really doesn’t matter where you are travelling to."

Approximately 60 percent of Brits, which amounts to 37 million people, are planning a ‘staycation’ this summer.