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SleepPhones winners

SleepPhones winners

Thanks to everyone who sent in their best ‘sleep stories’ – here are the winning entries that will each receive a free set of Sleep Phones!

Snow and sleep don’t mix

Serena Cowell

I had a lovely evening out with my best friend at a local pub. We had a few pints and a great time putting the world to rights, as you do.

We then we headed home after a curry and hit the sack.

The next thing I knew was when I woke up outside the front door, naked. I had sleep walked and the sound of closing the front door woke me up.

It was winter and pretty cold. I knocked and knocked on the door shouting to try and wake my mate but to no avail. I did wake the neighbours though, and one of them kindly threw down a blanket and tried calling my home number to wake him – he was out for the count.

In the end, they called the police, who picked me up. It was pretty embarrassing arriving at the station with just a blanket to keep me warm. During all of this my mate was completely oblivious – friends when you need them!

The Sleep Train

Andrew Abrahamson

After an all-night party at my Friend’s in London I was taking the train 45minutes up to Peterborough where I lived. I was determined to stay awake, but the gentle rocking of the tracks and the warm sun sliding through the windows slowly relaxed my defences.

I awoke with a start. It seemed I had nodded off only for a second, but the light looked different, and I’m sure there were more people than there were before. Luckily the inspector turned up. I asked “How long till Peterborough?”.

He burst out in shocked laughter and replied: “We’re about 20 minutes from Edinburgh!”

Sleep Hob

Phil Nash

At a party back in the ‘80s I was in the kitchen sitting on the work surface next to the cooker. It was an electric one with a glass top. The room was very hot and the glass felt cool to touch. I laid my face on it to cool off for a second or two and fell asleep on there. I woke up later feeling a little too warm for comfort; someone had turned the hob on to low heat!

Naked Sleepwalking

Bob Garner

When I was in the Merchant Navy the crew and I were booked in to a hotel in Abu Dhabi (Holiday Inn) for a couple of nights. As I hadn’t had a drink for about three weeks so felt the effects quite quickly and it didn’t take long before I staggered back to my room.

In the middle of the night I awoke to find myself stark naked in the corridor with my door locked – I’d obviously been sleepwalking. I had to go to reception which was very busy with airline crew checking in and out, to ask for a spare key while trying to cover myself up with my hands – very embarrassing! The Porter couldn’t get me back to my room quick enough. I was the talk of the hotel the next morning and was given a warning that if I did it again I was out!

The Sleeping Baby Sitter

Annie Campbell

When my sister and I were little, we had a boring babysitter with a large gap between her teeth. Once, while she was sleeping with her mouth wide open like usual, we got a small piece of bread, soaked it in hot chilli sauce, stabbed it with a toothpick and then stuck the toothpick between the gap in her two front teeth. Naturally, she woke up gagging and fortunately, laughing.

I guess she wasn’t so boring after all.

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