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Keen budget travellers already know that the cheapest flights are usually those at the most antisocial hours. Those bargain basement early morning or late night flights may be tempting, but if they mean that you’re going to need to stay at an expensive airport hotels, it may well negate your super cheap flight. That’s why experienced budget travellers know that to really make that low cost flight count, you need to sleep in the airport.

SleepingInAirports is a website that brings together this community of ‘Airport Sleepers’ – sharing their airport sleeping tips, airport horror stories and reviews of nights spent slumbering in various terminals around the world.

We especially like the Best and Worst airports ranking – which puts Paris Charles De Gaulle firmly at the top as the world’s worst airport.

At the other end of the scale – Singapore Changi airport is so highly rated by airport sleepers, that some have recommended you spend a night there even if you can afford a hotel!

If you’re looking for the advice about bedding down in an airport, is most certainly the best resource around. And even if the idea of sleeping in an airport has zero appeal, you can still enjoy reading about the uncomfortable experiences of others and thank your lucky stars that your days of backpacking are over.

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