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Skyscanner’s Eurovision photo competition

Skyscanner's Eurovision photo competition

This competition has now closed. Congratulations to Jill Priday from Wiltshire who is the lucky winner of a luxury German hamper! The answers are below.

The annual song contest in which Abba, Cliff Richard and Olivia Newton-John have all performed is both loved and hated for its camp-ness and controversy. But love it or hate it, there is no denying it has entertainment value – from Israeli Transsexuals to Ukrainian drag queens and Finnish ‘Satanists’.

Every day this week we dressed up staff member Andrew Phillips as one of the countries taking part.

If you need a reminder on which countries are taking part please visit Schlagerblog

10) Which country is Andrew raising a toast to in the shot below? ANSWER: UK (Buck’s Fizz)

9) An abstract and more-than-a-bit surreal looking Andrew this morning – which nation is he representing this time? ANSWER: SPAIN (Picasso)

8) A pig-tailed Mr Phillips looks delighted to have something on his plate, but has he bitten off more than he can chew with this national dish? ANSWER: Switzerland (Swiss Roll + Heidi pig tails)

7) Andrew looks positively ravenous this morning, but which country is he showing his allegiance for? ANSWER: Hungary (Andrew is hungry!)

6) Our Andrew is looking rather tired after all that dancing, but is still proudly flying the Eurovision flag. Can you guess which nation our furry friend is representing? ANSWER: Bulgaria (Great Uncle Bulgaria)

5) A rather feminine looking Andrew is having a wee jive this morning, but which nation is rocking his Euro-beat? ANSWER: Sweden (Dancing Queen – Abba)

4) Double the Andrew, double the fun; but what nation is Andrew alluding to? ANSWER: Ireland (Jedward)

3) Andrew is cooking up a tasty morsel in his pan, while wearing a rather fetching helmet today. But what country is he representing? ANSWER: Denmark (Viking + Danish bacon)

2) Is Andrew trying to keep vampires away, or showing signs of allegiance to another nation? ANSWER: France (French berret + string of onions)

1) Andrew kicks things off with a striking Adonis-like pose. But which nation is he supporting? ANSWER: Greece (Greek Toga)