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Skyscanner year view; how to search flights prices for the whole year

Skyscanner lets you search for flight prices across the whole next year. Here's how you use this feature.

We recently gave Skyscanner a brand new look and feel. One of the features we have altered is searching flight prices for a whole year. This functionality is still on Skyscanner but it has changed a little.

To browse flight prices over the year now, just:


1. Select a departure and destination city (or airport)

2. Select ‘Flexible? View whole month.’

3. Click the green ‘search’ button

4. On the next screen, just click the drop down month menu

This then shows you flight prices across the year.


Can I search from (or to) entire countries with year view?

At the moment you must select a city to city (or airport) pair, to see prices across the year.

Why did you change ‘year view’ search?

Showing you the cheapest flights across the whole year is one of the things we know people love about Skyscanner, so we haven’t removed this functionality; we’ve just made it more integrated with the rest of the site.

The previous year view showed you the prices for all the months, now you can find that information directly in the month view.
We hope that this information available on the same page as the month view will make your browsing faster and easier, and ensure more accurate prices too.

If you have any further questions or feedback about the new site please contact us via: