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Skyscanner Uncloaks Five Freakish Halloween Hangouts

Skyscanner looks at five of the scariest Halloween destinations!

Christmas may be fast approaching, but for horror fans the real highlight of the year takes place this weekend.

Halloween is here again, and with an abundance of gory celebrations taking place around the world, try somewhere different and truly soak up the spine-tingling atmosphere.

Dust off your cloaks, get the fake blood out and prepare for trick or treat as Skyscanner looks at five of the scariest Halloween destinations!


This Friday 29 October sees the launch of the Burke and Hare movie, a black comedy based on the gruesome true story of two 19th century entrepreneurs in Edinburgh who made a lucrative living out of selling the corpses of their victims for medical research. Follow in their footsteps on one of the city’s famous ghost tours, which wind their way through a maze of dark dungeons and caves in Edinburgh’s Old Town. Find flights to Edinburgh


Experience a spectacular Halloween at Universal’s Theme Park in Orlando. The park hosts a series of Halloween Horror nights – but beware, these are not for the faint-hearted. The award winning horror experience is celebrating ’20 years of fear’ this year and takes terror to a whole new level, with a variety of new spooky rides and live shows held in haunted houses and ‘scarezones’, all guaranteed to make your blood boil. Find flights to Orlando

New York

The Big Apple is a big party destination all year-round, but this weekend sees a host of terrifying Halloween events take place across the city. Horror on the Hudson at Halloween Studios, Pier 92, is one of the biggest and will see 1,200 grotesque revellers strutting their stuff on a massive dancefloor in front of live DJs and Halloween dancers, in an evening of gruesome debauchery by the Hudson River. Find flights to New York


There is never a shortage of pub crawls on a Saturday afternoon in central London, but this weekend one group of party-goers will turn a few more heads than usual. Inspired by recent horror movies such as Shaun of the Dead, The Zombie Walk will see dozens of zombies patrolling the streets of the capital. Participants are encouraged to act like a zombie at all times, which shouldn’t be too hard later in the evening. Find flights to London


If none of the above seem quite authentic enough, how about meeting Count Dracula himself in Transylvania, Romania? The Classic Dracula and Halloween trip begins in the capital, Bucharest, with a reception dinner hosted by the Transylvanian Society of Dracula, before moving deep into the Transylvanian countryside the following day and staying the night at the remote Castle Dracula in Brugo Pass. Find flights to Bucharest