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Skyscanner donate laptops to Kenya

Skyscanner donate laptops to Kenya

Skyscanner were delighted to be part of a recent project that involved donating a number of laptops to hospitals in Kenya, allowing them to initiate a new patient record system, essential for closer monitoring the cases of malaria and TB patients.

As part of their drive to create ‘shared value’ (the concept of improving the economic and social conditions of the communities in which their company operate) research scientists from GlaxoSmithKline have been collaborating with Mexico University and Kenyan NGO, The OGRA Foundation, to get these much needed laptops to the hospitals in question.

The OGRA Foundation, who have been coordinating the project from Kenya, described how two of the clinics now have solar power installations to run the new laptops, as well as new fridges for vaccines and lighting.

A member of staff from the OGRA Foundation said:

“It is truly amazing to see the community coming together around something as simple as a light to read by. I think that sustainable access to IT services in impoverished communities can encourage entrepreneurialism and allow Africans to help themselves out of poverty”.

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