News Six new cheap flights from Forli in Italy

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Six new cheap flights from Forli in Italy

Six new cheap flights from Forli in Italy

Ryanair has unveiled six new Italian routes that will be launched in December.

The new services will be introduced from December and will mark the arrival of the first of the carrier’s aircraft to be based in the Italian city of Forli.

Ryanair cheap flights from the new hub will be offered to Alghero, Bari and Cagliari.

The final three routes will offer new services to Lamezia, Olbia and Palermo.

Bridget Dowling, of Ryanair, said: "We look forward to bringing more massive savings to consumers in Forli by launching these six new routes four months earlier than expected.

"Passengers travelling to/from Forli will save millions thanks to our guaranteed lowest fares, and no fuel surcharges."

Ryanair was among several airlines that offered the Civil Aviation Authority use of one of its aircraft to bring stranded passengers back home earlier this month following the collapse of tour operator XL.

The carrier offered one of its spare Boeing 737-800 aircraft for the cause.