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As the tag line “Travel guides. For you, by you” alludes to, SimonSeeks is a travel guide site written by users, for users.

The brainchild of Simon Nixon, the man behind, the site aims to become a premier source of user generated travel inspiration and information.

It works by users submitting travel articles (for example ‘Drink Beer and eat for free in Granada’) in exchange for a proportion of any advertising revenue generated by their content.

All copy is checked by human editors and users can rate each other’s articles and give feedback which creates a level of quality control. SimonSeeks has even recruited celebrity travellers such as Cliff Richard to contribute their own articles, which should give the site a PR boost and attract more readers.

Nixon has predicted that SimonSeeks will soon create professional “SimonSeekers” who can earn enough from their writing to give up the day job. This however remains in doubt by much of the travel writing industry; the general consensus is that for professional travel writers, SimonSeeks is unlikely to be lucrative enough to be a serious contender for their content.

At the time of writing, the most viewed guide was “Sir Cliff Richards’s Barbados”, but with just 3885 page views – it’s unlikely that Cliff will be putting down the microphone and turning to full time travel writing any time soon.

However, for the casual writer keen to see their work published and earn a few pennies for their words, SimonSeeks is a nice idea and as the site grows, it should become an increasingly useful source of travel inspiration.

And more travel inspiration is always a good thing.

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