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Sex and the City Sightseeing: SATC hotspots

Sex and the City Sightseeing: SATC hotspots

With the release of Sex and the City 2 film on 28th May 2010, fans around the world will be looking forward to their next dose of love, laughter and liaisons from New York’s most famous ladies.

Skyscanner reveals the ultimate SATC tour for diehard devotees.

newyork.taxis.JPGNew York

Home to the SATC girls and the setting for most of their adventures, fans should grab flights to New York and start their pilgrimage here. Several companies offer tours of the Sex and the City hotspots allowing fans to follow in the stiletto steps of the girls and visit their favourite boutiques and bars, as well as Buddakan in the trendy Meatpacking district, the site of Carrie and Big’s wedding rehearsal dinner from the first SATC film. Find cheap flights to New York

Abu Dhabi

This Emirate perched on the Persian Gulf will likely see a boost in visitors following its ‘appearance’ in the new SATC film, as our New York ladies jet off for some bazaar shopping, camel trekking and dune walking. Whilst Dubai is the better known Emirate, Abu Dhabi has been quietly transforming itself into a world class luxury destination – perfect for those who like to be pampered. Find cheap flights to Abu Dhabi


What you see on film as Abu Dhabi is in fact Morocco. Although Dubai had originally been chosen as Abu Dhabi’s double, after reading the script, the Dubai authorities denied filming permission so the job went to Morocco. Fans can relive scenes from the SATC2 film with a shopping spree at the marketplaces of Marrakech, a night in a Bedouin tent and a camel ride over the Saharan dunes. Find cheap flights to Marrakech

Malibu, California

In the first film it’s Mexico where SJP spends her heartbroken ‘honeymoon’ having been jilted at the altar by Mr Big, however the actual location used for filming was Malibu in California. Unfortunately fans can’t actually stay in the villa that hosted the girls – it’s a private home. However, Malibu’s 27 miles of beautiful beach, fringed with expensive star-owned homes, top brand boutiques and the chic eateries will sate any SATC fan’s appetite. Find cheap flights to LA


The French capital featured heavily in the final season of the SATC TV series and is a must-visit for fans. Amongst the landmarks that appeared were the plush Hotel Plaza Athénée and Le Kong, a super stylish restaurant where Carrie lunches with her boyfriend’s ex-wife. Of course, no SATC groupie could leave without a visit to the Dior store where Carrie takes a tumble then embarks on a wild spending spree. Find cheap flights to Paris