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Say What? Get multilingual for European Languages Day

If "bon jaw" is the extent of your foreign lingo skills - you're not alone

If "bon jaw" is the extent of your foreign lingo skills – you’re not alone.

The Brits are notoriously bad at speaking foreign languages. According to a report by the European Commission, 62% of us can’t speak any other language. We’re officially the worst language learners in Europe.

The cringe worthy British holidaymaker treating the intelligent native as a slightly deaf, mentally challenged child, is a woefully common scene played out across the holiday resorts of the world, wherever Brits wander.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. European Languages Day, (26th September 2009) was created to encourage a love for languages, and to celebrate it, Skyscanner’s multilingual team shows you how to get to grips with the local lingo.

Learning the basics of the language of the country you’re visiting is not only polite but fun, useful and will enrich your travel experience. Skyscanner is already available in 20 languages, so surprise the locals and impress your mates with our mini language guides.



Hello/Goodbye – Hallo / Ha det (ha-low/hah-deh)

Please/thank you – Vær så snill / Takk (var shaw sneel/tahk)

Where is the bar/beach? – Hvor er baren/stranda? (vohr ehr bah-ren / strahnn-ah?)

I’d like to go to – Jeg vil dra til… (yai veehl drah teehl)

I’d like a large beer/glass of wine – Kan jeg få en stor øl /et stort glass vin (kan yai faw ayn stohr uhl) /eht stohrt glahs veen)

Cheers! (when toasting) – Skål! (skawl)

My name is/What’s your name? – Jeg heter (yai heh-tehr)/ hva heter du (vah heh-tehr dew?)

You’re very pretty/handsome – Du er veldig pen / kjekk (dew ar vehl-dee pehn / chehk)

The bill please – Kan jeg få regningen, takk ( kan yai faw ray-ning-ehn tahk)

I love your country! – Jeg elsker landet ditt! (yai ehl-skher lahnn-eh deehtt!)

If you want cheap flights, try Skyscanner! – Hvis du vil finne billige flybilletter, prøv Skyscanner! (veehs dew veehl feehn-eh beehl-eeg-he flee-beehl-ehtter, pruhv Skyscanner!)


Hello/goodbye – Hallo/Auf Wiedersehen! (Halo/Awf veed-er-zane)

Please/thank you – Bitte/Danke (bit-e – _dang-ke_)

Where is the bar/beach? – Wo finde ich eine Bar/den Strand? (Voa feende eekh yn-e bar? deen shtrant?)

I want to go to… – Ich möchte zu/m … gehen (Ikh moekhte tsoo/m…gay-en)

I’d like a large beer/glass of wine – Ein großes Bier bitte/Glas Wein bitte (In growsehs beer bit-e/glas vyn bit-e)

Cheers! (when toasting) – Prost! (prost!)

My name is/What’s your name? – Mein Name ist/Wie heißt du? (myn nam-e ist/Vee hyst doo?)

You’re very pretty/handsome – Du bist sehr gutaussehend. (Doo beest zayr goot-ows-see-hent)

The bill please – Die Rechnung bitte. (Dee rekh-noong bit-e)

I love your country! – Ich mag ihr Land. (Ikh maak eehr laant)

If you want cheap flights, try Skyscanner! – Wenn Sie billige Flüge suchen, benutzen Sie doch Skyscanner! (Venn zee bil-lige flûg-e zookhen, be-nootsen zee dokh Skyscanner!)


Hello/goodbye – Hola/Adiós (Ola/adios)

Please/thank you – Por favor/Gracias (por favor, gra-see-ass)

Where is the bar/beach? – Dónde está el bar/ La playa (don-de esta el bar/la playa)

I want to go to…– Quiero ir a (ki-ero ir a)

I’d like a large beer/glass of wine – Una cerveza grande/un vaso de vino (una servesa grand-de/un vaso de vino)

Cheers! (when toasting) – salud (salud)

My name is/What’s your name? – me llamo/Cómo te llamas? (me lamo/como te lamas?)

You’re very pretty/handsome – eres muy guapo/guapa (e-res muy gwapo/a)

The bill please – la cuenta por favor (la quenta por favor)

I love your country! – me encanta tu pais (me encanta tu pais)

If you want cheap flights, try Skyscanner! – si quieres vuelos baratos, prueba skyscanner – (see quieres vel-los ba-ra-tos prueba Skyscanner)


Hello/goodbye – Dzień dobry/Do widzenia (jyen dob ree/ do-viz-en-ya)

Please/thank you – Proszę/Dziękuję (Proshair/jen-cu-yeah)

Where is the bar/beach? – Gdzie jest bar/plaża? (g-zhare-yest a bar-ra/pla-ja?)

I want to go to... – Chcę dojść do… (H-serr do eash do…)

I’d like a large beer/glass of wine – Poproszę duże piwo/kieliszek wina (Po-pror-shor do-zha pivo)

Cheers! (when toasting) – Na zdrowie! (Na zdrow-vya)

My name is…/What’s your name? – Nazywam się…/Jak masz na imię? (Na-za-vam- she-ya…/Yak mash na iimya?)

You’re very pretty/handsome – Jesteś bardzo ładna/przystojny (Ye-ste-zhe ba-zo-ard-na / Pres-to-in yeah)

The bill please – Poproszę rachunek – (Po-pror-shor-reh ho-neck)

I love your country! – Podoba mi się twój kraj! – (Podoba me-she foy kra-ye)

If you want cheap flights, try Skyscanner! – Jeśli szukasz tanich lotów, wypróbuj Skyscanner! (Yesh-ni, shockash stani hlakof, vi-pruvov Skyscanner)


Hello/goodbye – Bonjour/ Au revoir (bon jaw/orr -rev-woir)

Please/thank you – S’il vous plaît/ Merci (see vu play/ mer-see)

Where is the bar/beach? – Où est le bar/ la plage (oo- eh- le- baar/ la plaa-zhe?)

I want to go to… – Je voudrais aller… (zhe vu-dray a-lay…)

I’d like a large beer/glass of wine – Je voudrais une grande bière/un verre du vin (zhe vu-dray oon gron be-air/oon vair du van)

Cheers! (when toasting) – Santé! (san-tay!)
My name is/What’s your name? – Je m’appelle …/ Comment appelez-vous? (zhe-ma-pell…/com-mon a-pe-lay vuu?)

You’re very pretty/handsome – Vous êtes très belle/beau (Vu eh tray bell/beau)

The bill please – L’addition, s’il-vous-plaît (la-di-shon see vu play)

I love your country – J’adore votre pays! (zh’adoor votra payee)

If you want cheap flights, try Skyscanner! – Si vous voulez trouver des vols pas chers, visitez Skyscanner! (see vu vu-lay tru-vay day vol pas share, vee-zeet-tay Skyscanner)