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Saving Grace: app of the week

Saving Grace: app of the week

We’ve all been there – arriving at your holiday destination and realising that you’ve left something important behind.

Whether it’s a toothbrush or your favourite shirt, it’s always a little annoying when you’re forced to fork out for a new item just after arriving on holiday.

This is where the Saving Grace app comes in. Designed to take the stress out of packing, the app is a handy tool for your iPhone to help you plan what you really need to take.

Saving Grace has a series of packing checklists for different types of holidays, such as camping, surfing, golfing etc, which are pre-populated with things that you’ll need to take with you – ideal for those who hate making lists themselves. Each checklist you create also has subcategories for groups of items such as toiletries and electrical gadgets.

Personalised items can be added to lists and then saved for future use, depending on which category they fit into. For example, your personalised summer holiday checklist can be saved separately from your winter sports checklist so you don’t end up with Bermuda shorts on the piste. Some items, like suntan lotion and passport, may crossover, which is where the master list of things comes in handy.

Also very useful is the ‘To Do’ list which allows you to make a list of all the things you need to do at home before leaving; checking all your appliances are off, turning your voicemail on, letting the neighbours know you’ll be away etc. One click on an item and it is marked as ‘done’, making it easy to see what you have left to do. You can also set reminders for these things to make sure you don’t forget.

For the disorganised traveller, this app really is a saving grace, and for those who plan their bag packing with military precision it’s a nifty little time saver.

Saving Grace is available free on iTunes