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Ryanair to remove plane toilets

Ryanair to remove plane toilets

Genuine plan or just another O’Leary white lie…?


Love them or hate them, one thing Ryanair does well is PR. Mr O’Leary is forever in the papers with some controversial new ‘plan’ on how he’s going to cut fares.

But it seems that Mr O’Leary is the man who cries wolf; few, if any, of his outrageous proposals have ever been implemented, and were probably never intended to be.

Past ideas have included making people pay to use the toilets, and installing special ‘standing seats’ to save space. These announcements served to get a reaction from the press and the public – and that’s exactly what they did.

So here at Skyscanner HQ, we’re taking O’Leary’s latest ‘plan’ with a small sea of salt. Ryanair claims to be pressing ahead with proposals to remove two toilets from their planes, leaving just a single lav to be shared by up to 200 passengers for journeys of up to 4.5 hours.

If genuine, it’s likely that the proposal would lead to more Gerard Depardieu incidents (he whipped out his winkie and started weeing in the aisle of an Air France plane ). And the proposed saving is so tiny, is it really worth it anyway? On a flight costing £80, you would save a whopping £4!

Hardly worth peeing your pants for.