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Rufus Roo luggage waistcoat: review

Rufus Roo luggage waistcoat: review

We recently reported on the new trend of ‘wearable luggage’, garments that blur the bag-jacket boundary and allow passengers to beat the baggage charge.

We got our hands on the Rufus Roo luggage waistcoat, and put it to the test, by filling it with a weekend’s worth of gear.

Could the Rufus Roo handle it? Watch our view below to find out!


Good Points

– It will save you having to check in a bag – which can cost up to £40 return on certain airlines!
– The Roo has six zip-pockets – two of which are huge and could even handle a lap top.
– Comes in three sizes and six colours.

Points for Improvement

– The look. Admittedly we packed the Roo pretty full, and with some rearranging (or lighter loading) we probably could have done a better job, but you’re likely to get some strange glances as you pass through the airport wearing a fully loaded Roo! But if you’re saving £40 in luggage fees – it’s worth it!
– The Roo material is quite thin and we wonder how this would stand up to prolonged or rough use.

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