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Robin Hood Holidays: landmarks of the outlaw hero

Robin Hood Holidays: landmarks of the outlaw hero

As Robin Hood fever hits an all time high with the release of the new Robin Hood film, Skyscanner reveals the destinations which could benefit from the renewed popularity of the world’s most famous outlaw and his Merry Men.

RobinHood1.JPGSherwood Forest

Nowhere says Robin Hood more than Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, which was of course home to the legendary outlaw. Visitors can see where parts of the new Robin Hood movie were filmed and there is even an annual Robin Hood festival celebrating his life and times which involves archery, sword fights and medieval music.


There are numerous sites in Northern England that are linked with Robin Hood, but it is Nottingham, home of Hood’s archenemy – The Sheriff of Nottingham – which is probably the most well known after Sherwood. Nottingham Castle has teamed up with Universal to bring an exhibition of the costumes, props and weaponry from the new film which will be open to castle visitors from now until October 2010.

Freshwater West, Wales

This part of Pembrokeshire is no stranger to fame having starred as a film location in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The stunningly wild beach was used for a battle scene in the new Hood film where 600 warriors and 200 horses fight it out on the golden sands. When not being used as a film set, the beach is popular with surfers and walkers, and at low tide, a petrified prehistoric forest is revealed.

Carcassonne Castle

Watching over sun-dappled vineyards, this imposing stronghold with fifty-two towers was used for the exterior shots of Nottingham Castle in the climactic final scenes of the 1990s Prince of Thieves film. Carcassonne Castle hosts regular jousting tournaments and renaissance pageants throughout the year which allow visitors to get a taste for Robin Hood’s medieval period.

Aysgarth Falls,Yorkshire Dales National Park

The setting for the scene where Robin Hood battles Little John to cross the river in Prince of Thieves, Aysgarth Falls are one of Yorkshire’s most famous beauty spots. With pleasant riverside walks linking the upper, middle and lower falls, the area attracts Hood fans and nature lovers alike.

Barry Smith, Skyscanner Co-Founder commented:

“Films can have a huge positive impact on tourism. The popularity of flights to New Zealand rocketed after the release of Lord of the Rings as did flights to Australia following Baz Luhrmann’s Australia film. We expect that locations associated with Robin Hood may well see a boost in visitors this summer.”