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The rise of the gourmet airport restaurant

New York’s LaGuardia airport is the latest in a line of major airports keen to capitalise on travellers’ appetites

Thanks to many recent airport renovations and developments, dining at the airport need no longer mean simply grabbing a quick sandwich from a coffee bar.

New York’s LaGuardia airport is the latest in a line of major airports keen to capitalise on travellers’ appetites for top-quality cuisine. Delta Air Lines main terminal at LaGuardia has launched a new gourmet dining hall which, it is hoped, will compete for hungry travellers with the likes of the popular JetBlue lounge at rival JFK airport.

Skyscanner takes a closer look at five top gourmet airport dining experiences.

LaGuardia, New York

At the heart of the new-look main terminal at LaGuardia will be a gourmet food court backed by some of the Big Apple’s top restauranteurs, such as Chris Cannon and Garrett Oliver who are keen to expand their audience and promote their main New York City eateries. The gourmet dining hall will house 13 new restaurants, including a French bistro, a fresh fish and shellfish bar, an Asian restaurant featuring traditional Vietnamese dishes and a wine bar featuring 101 premium wines. Find flights to New York

Schiphol, Amsterdam

Europe’s third largest airport is a major hub for stopovers on long-haul flights. Luckily, there is a great range of restaurants here, including Bubbles Seafood Bar which not only features a champagne and caviar bar, but also a live aquarium where you can take a peek at your dish before it arrives on your plate. Find flights to Amsterdam

Heathrow, London

Heathrow Airport’s £4billion Terminal 5 is the UK’s largest free-standing building, and also boasts some of the finest dining in the country. Among the culinary attractions is Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food, which offers breakfast and children’s options along with a full a la carte menu carefully prepared by well-known celebrity chef and Ramsay-sidekick, Stuart Gillies. Those in a rush can grab a picnic served in a specially prepared carry-on bag for the flight. Find flights to London

LAX, Los Angeles

The strikingly futuristic Theme Building at LAX (pictured, right) has been home to the Encounter Restaurant since 1997, and has attracted substantial numbers of celebrity clientele through its doors. Catering for events and private parties and housing a luxurious cocktail bar, the restaurant’s famous gourmet dishes include Belgian Endive and D’Anjou Pear Salad, Ahi Tuna Tartare and Sesame Crusted Norwegian Salmon which are hugely popular with LA’s health-conscious crowd. Find flights to Los Angeles

Changi, Singapore

Newly-crowned as airport of the year 2011, Changi Airport has a huge variety of top-end restaurants encompassing just about every type of major worldwide cuisine. The Green Market, a Japanese restaurant based in a tranquil eco-garden atop the departure lounge, caters for the weary traveller by providing a relaxing setting for guests to recharge their batteries and enjoy sophisticated, modern Japanese food. Find flights to Singapore