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Pyongyang – A Journey in North Korea: REVIEW

Pyongyang – A Journey in North Korea: REVIEW

By Guy Delisle

With tourist visits tightly controlled and a strict dictatorship regime that severely limits North Koreans’ contact with the outside world, North Korea remains the world’s most secret country, which is what makes it such an intriguing place.

French Canadian illustrator and animator Guy Delisle spent several months working in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, and drew on his experiences to create this graphic travelogue.

Due to the limitations of where foreigners can travel within the country, the book is largely focused on a few areas of Pyongyang, but Delisle’s eye for detail and ongoing humour are what make this book so enjoyable; he manages to educate, intrigue and amuse with his simple, clean, yet evocative drawing style that depicts his anecdotes and observations about the Hermit Kingdom.

If you’re looking for a great introduction to North Korea in a refreshingly different format – Pyongyang is highly recommended reading.

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