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Private Islands Online: website of the week

Private Islands Online: website of the week

OK, so this one is unlikely to be of much practical use to the average Joe, but, a website that offers entire islands for sale, is a great place for the day dreamer (or recent lottery winner).

You can search for islands by price (from under $250K to over $10 million), region (from Alaska to Argentina) or type (do you want an island for business, an island for your family home or an island with a beach?)

So what can you get for your money? Well, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that your very own private island starts from around £15K – which will get you Davis Island, an 0.8 acre island in sunny Nova Scotia, Canada.

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home (Skyscanner’s home that is), the eight acre island of Craro in the Inner Hebrides is up for sale; yours for just £65,000. The agent’s blurb reads: "The island is virtually untouched by people, yet an important part of local folklore". Is that because it’s a haunted, barren, wind blasted rock?

If you want somewhere a bit warmer than Canada or Scotland; you’ll have to pay for it. Devils Cay in the Bahamas is a "large, incredibly beautiful private island" with white sand beaches and sea turtles. The damage? US$15 million. Best get saving then.