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Premature Xmas locations for diehard festive fans

Five months too early for Christmas says Skyscanner

Five months too early for Christmas says Skyscanner

Every year Christmas seems to come a little earlier, but now Selfridges in Oxford St, London, has taken early festive trading to new lows with the launch of their Christmas shop on the 2nd of August – almost five months before Christmas day!

In response to the early onslaught of Christmas, Skyscanner takes a look at where else diehard fans of the festive season can get their Christmas fix, without having to wait till December.

ReindeerLapland.JPGHike with reindeer, Finnish Lapland

Those desperate for a Rudolph of their own can go hiking with a reindeer in Luosto in Finnish Lapland. Don’t worry about having to carry all your gear, Rudolph will do that for you, leaving you free to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and learn about Lappish life from your guide.

Santa Claus (the town), Indiana, USA

Mr Christmas may be aloof in the off season, but Santa Claus, a small town of just over 2,000 people in Indiana, ain’t going nowhere. The town is home to several festively themed places including Santa’s Candy Castle and the Santa Claus Museum, but it’s the Santa Claus post mark which is probably the most prized souvenir.

Santa’s Land, Vermont, USA

Why wait until Christmas when a visit to Santa’s holiday home in Vermont USA is available right now? Revellers can enjoy a visit to the ‘Candy Cane Cupboard’, the ‘Ding Dong School House’, and even go for a ride on Santa’s Alpine Train!

North Pole

Summer is actually the best time to go to Santa’s homeland and the easiest way to reach it is by hopping aboard the Russian Icebreaker ‘50 Years of Victory’. This nuclear powered vessel takes travellers from Murmansk in Russia over the Barents Sea, past Franz Joseph Island and out to the pole. Travellers can see walrus, seals and polar bears, though are unlikely to spot Santa himself.

Summer snow, Andes

It may be summer here, but in the Southern hemisphere, the snow is falling. Die hard winter lovers can head to the Andes in Argentina or Chile where top class ski areas such as Valle Nevado and Las Lenas offer real snow on real mountains, in the middle of our summer.