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Pound Power & Bargains Abroad: places where sterling is still strong

Our good old British pound may be losing its power in the Eurozone and the US

Our good old British pound may be losing its power in the Eurozone and the US, but there’s still places where the Sterling is strengthening. So forget France, say goodbye to Germany and no way to New York. Instead, Skyscanner shows you where you can still get bargains abroad.

Iceland – back in October, Skyscanner reported a 400% increase in flights searches to Iceland, following the collapse of their banking system, and the pound has continued to strengthen against the Icelandic krona ever since. Visit cosmopolitan Reykjavik, where you’ll find cosy cafes, pulsating night clubs and chic restaurants serving national delicacies (puffin pâté anyone?). Encircled by mountains and the sea, the city is ideal for a short break or as a starting point for a longer trip into the rugged wilds of the country. Find cheap flights to Iceland (from £115 return, including taxes).

Poland – unlike many Eastern European nations that have seen their currencies strengthen against the Sterling, the Polish Zloty has consistently weakened over the last three months meaning that you’ll get even more great beer for your pennies. Why not Visit Krakow’s Christmas market, where you’ll enjoy snow covered stalls set in the town’s central square then warm up with mulled wine, spicy sausage and fried oscypek cheese. Find cheap flights to Poland (From £21 return, including taxes).

Hungary – of all the new EU member states, the credit crisis has probably hit Hungary hardest, so much so that it was forced to ask the International Monetary Fund for financial assistance. The side effect of this unfortunate predicament is that you now get even more Hungarian Forints for your pound, in what was already an inexpensive destination. Get yourself into hot water in one of Budapest’s decadent thermal bath houses before hitting the town. Be warned, Hungarians drink hard and party late, so bring your dancing shoes. Find cheap flights to Hungary (From £21 return, including taxes).

Norway – it’s always been perceived as an expensive destination but the pound has risen in strength against the Norwegian krona over the last 90 days. Though the rise hasn’t been anywhere near as substantial as in Iceland, this notoriously expensive country is now a little cheaper for those spending pounds. With winter on its way, Norway is a great ski destination; the resorts of Voss, Hemsedal and Lillehammer are all amazingly picturesque locations, and Norway’s northerly location means that snow is pretty much guaranteed. Find cheap flights to Norway (From £26 return, including taxes).

Sweden – another Scandinavian superpower, like its neighbour, Norway, it’s a country that’s always had a reputation for being pricey. However, the Swedish krona has weakened against the pound over the last three months, meaning now is a good time to go. For a guaranteed white winter visit Kaersuando – the northernmost parish of Sweden which is part of Lapland – a silent snowy landscape ideal for cross-country skiing, dog sledding and snowmobiling. Find cheap flights to Sweden (From £30 return, including taxes).

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